Going Back to the Roots of Hip Hop – Seasoned Artist Soular235 Inspires with Captivating New Single


“Never Ever!” is more than just a refreshing Hip Hop release, the newest drop by Soular235 is a uniquely composed melody, teeming with nostalgia

Maybrook, New York — June 13th, 2022- A stunning new drop by Soular235, “Never Ever!” underscores the finest tricks that the dynamic artist has to offer. From memorable rhythms that complement hard-hitting, honestly curated lyricism, to flow that remains unmatched and unparalleled, “Never Ever!” is a fantastic new addition to Soular235’s discography.

The new single was released for audiences through the artist’s official music platforms on May 24th, 2022 and was produced by Dansonn. Known for creating his characteristic novel and “clean” musical compositions, Soular235 hopes to pay tribute to the best of Hip Hop and draw listeners back to the “golden era” of the genre.

“Never Ever!” builds onto a rich roster by the artist that also features his 16-track album intriguingly titled, “Lyrical Crucifixion”. For Soular235, music has always been a seamless means of expressing himself and the range of emotions that he feels. But more than anything, music has acted as a great teacher for the artist, who remains influenced by budding underground artists who in his words: “break down hip hop in its purest form”.

Fascinated by the intricate ways words can blend with music to create something legendary, Soular235 counts unsigned artists such as George Shannon among inspirations who taught him how to let go of his emotions and format his pain into poetry. With tracks such as “Never Ever!”, the artist continues to spin clean music that narrates his own story.

“As an artist from the golden era, my goal is to inspire the young through the music I provide based on the experience I have been given. While other talented artists tend to follow the trend, I chose to follow my own path,” says Soular235 about his music and craft.

Checkout Soular235’s new single “Never Ever!” on Spotify and Apple Music. For updates on new releases make sure to check out the artist’s website: www.soular235.com and follow him on his social media. For interviews, reviews, collaborations, feel free to contact Soular235 at: info@soular235.com




Soular235, originally born in Queens and raised in the streets of Brooklyn, New York is a powerful voice in the world of Hip Hop. The talented artist has continually taken his experiences in hard areas, growing up and facing the brunt of crimes, and transitioned it to music in dynamic ways.

For the artist, his identity “Soular235” undergirds a deep message. ‘Soular’ refers to the ways every word, written and spoken, is from the depths of the soul that burns akin to the sun. Meanwhile, the number “235” has a deeper meaning, present within the underbelly of each record.

Led by consistency, structure, and focus, Soular235 aims to achieve his goal of expanding his network and reach and reaching the apex of success- a testament to his daily grind. Currently, Soular235 is promoting “Lyrical Crucifixion Part 1” and 2 and has also released a new EP “Persevere”, slated to drop of June 9th, 2022.


Name: Soular235
Email: info@soular235.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Officialsoular235/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soular235music/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5alKQBcauBDEpSRGIVnPA
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1dkoJSBduZlsym929D0zmJ

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