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City, State: Amsterdam, NL Formulated in Amsterdam, Holland in 1995, Geomatic has refined and preserved Industrial and dark ambient innovation from day one. From their early efforts came the 2nd full-length album from Geomatic on the French label M-tronic titled ‘Blue Beam‘. Futuristic, complex, and wholely cyber-tronic, ‘Blue Beam‘ placed Geomatic among the ranks of electronic sleeper cells within the electronic music underground. With “64 Light Years Away” Geomatic offers a slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic complexity and epic sound architectures. ‘64 Light Years Away‘ presents a vast aural journey through a cerebral universe, melding Industrial-like rhythms with enormous atmospheres and tribal beatwork. With their latest collaboration project with legendary Andrew Lagowski (Lustmord, S.E.T.I.) titled “Cosmochemistry”, Geomatic released their newest LP record album, appropriately titled, “Cosmochemistry.” The record is musical art in its purest sonic form, crossing genres from industrial music to dark ambient. In the case of the latter sub-genre, “Cosmochemistry” represents one of the very best examples, a high water mark which other musicians will be hard pressed to match.

With a career that officially reaches back to 1995 (and unofficially to ’85) Geomatic & Lagowski have again outdone themselves with this full-length album, their finest recording to date. The amount of audio philosophy that informs the music of “Cosmochemistry” cannot be overstated. It is more than mere music. It is an experience. Speaking of this most recent offering, Geomatic & Lagowski write, “The present music is the result of innumerable experiments which go back to 1983, when we commenced the compilation of our library of sounds and noises.” These sounds come from places all around us, we mostly deaf humans, who require the ears of artists such as Geomatic to guide us through the unheard world. “There are many layers, seen and unseen, heard and yet to be heard,” explains Geomatic, “that exist in the multidimensional universe around us.Cosmochemical engineering fuses with ancient indecipherable codes via rhythm, texture and masked auditory stimuli.” If this seems cryptic or complex, read it over a second or third time. It makes perfect, inarguable sense. Geomatic & Lagowski aren’t charlatans. They’re captains of a sound-ship on an unexplored sea of noises. “There are myriad dimensions we have yet to cross into,” they conclude. “The ciphers to traversing these thresholds lie within the cinematic sound of Geomatic & Lagowski.” They cite as main artistic influences the likes of Dead Can Dance and Lustmord, though their own music shares only the bleak undertones of these groups. This gorgeous work of brilliance from the geniuses in Amsterdam and London must be experienced by all true audiophiles at the earliest possible convenience.


Formulated in Amsterdam, Holland in 1995, Geomatic has refined and preserved Industrial and dark ambient innovation from day one. From… ...Read More

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