G Donta

G Donta

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Music is deep-rooted in the soul of Lafayette, Louisiana-based urban contemporary rapper G Donta (pronounced G-Don-Tay). At the age of nine, he met his cousin, the legendary, Grammy Award-winning Seattle, Washington rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot for the first time. He recollects becoming awestruck upon viewing all of the luxury and exotic vehicles in his cousin’s driveway.
“I used to see Sir Mix-a-Lot on TV, and hear him on the radio regularly, he says. “I met him around the time when his platinum single, ‘Baby Got Back’ was released. Seeing my cousin’s success left a lasting imprint in my mind. I always felt that if he did it, I could too.

As a child G Donta often travelled throughout the United States with his mother, Brenda Jackson, a talented recording artist who began breaking barriers as a popular country-western singer signed to an independent label from 1992-1995.

“I thought it was cool when I saw my mom signing autographs and getting a lot of attention, G Donta recalls. “Barry Gordy actually wanted to sign my mom, but she was under a contract. Her label was cool with releasing her from her contract as long as Gordy signed their other label acts too. Gordy just wanted to sign my mom though. Unfortunately, her label folded afterwards.

But, ultimately, what G Donta says he remembers most is the big smile that his mom would wear on her face when she was singing on stage and interacting with her fans. “It made her content to know that her music touched people in such a great capacity, he says.

G Donta was born in Hammond, Louisiana and moved to Seattle, Washington at age eight. It was during that transition period that he began writing raps, singing tenor at the local church, and playing the tuba with the school band. At 13, G Donta’s ability to drive an 18-wheeler, a skill he learned from his father, earned him the moniker, ‘Little Seattle.’

“I also know how to drive forklifts and backhoes, he says. “You name it, I’ve done it!

As a young teen his die-hard work ethic continued to flourish. Always seeking a means to an end, he began establishing relationships with mom and pop record shops in town, collecting the CDs they didn’t want, and then selling them on the street. Subsequently, he travelled the U.S., handling promotions for Lil‟ Troy, Slim Thug, Hurricane Chris, Lil’ Flip and at events like the Bayou Classic.

Throughout the years, he’s also attained a wealth of knowledge from artists he’s either opened up for or performed with, including Roi Anthony, T.I., Lil Boosie, Lil‟ Wayne, Yung Joc, Ruff Ryders, DJ Unk, Lil Wayne, Foxx, Webbie, Lejit and many others. G Donta, now 25, says now the musical torch has been relayed to him and he’s been striving incessantly to make it burn brighter than ever.

In the late spring of 2011 he released his much anticipated album Under Construction, available for download on iTunes.com and Amazon.com. G Donta admits that the positive feedback he’s been receiving from fans internationally concerning the project has been putting quite the smile on his face.

For the topnotch production of Under Construction’s 14 sizzling tracks, G Donta enlisted longtime friends Roy “Chip Anthony (producer for Master P., Lil’ Romeo, Juvenile, Lil’ Boosie, BG,) and Wayne “Big Bouted Berry, who produced the album’s first hit single ‘Counting New Money.’ He also sought producer T. Black who produced ‘Damn She Hot’ and ‘Louis Bag Remix.’

“I chose Chip, Big Bouted and T. Black to produce the album because of their outstanding level of commitment to my project, as well as the quality sound they create, says G Donta. Each of them is in sync with my versatile style and understood where I was going with my concept.

Nonetheless, G Donta confides that he’s extremely content with the end result of Under Construction. “I’m confident that Under Construction will be a great success, he says with a smile. “It’s something that everyone who enjoys good music will appreciate.

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