Firing Up the Groove with Funkalicious R&B, Electric Retro, and Soul- Vince & The Fly Bunch Unveil First Single

Vince & The Fly Bunch

“Roll the Dice” brings out all the excitement and enriching fervor of party music with its retro soundscapes and funky rhythms

Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden — August 19th, 2023 – Vince & The Fly Bunch are gracing Sweden’s musical landscape with funkier and fresher rhythms. The sensational R&B band drops their sizzling new single, “Roll the Dice”- encapsulating a rich mix of soulful tunes, cheerful beats, and pure, unfiltered joy.

“Roll the Dice” is the artist’s attempt to bring about more from music and deliver a riveting and thoroughly gripping experience with their talents. “Roll the Dice” presents the essence of a lively party, inviting audiences to let loose and submerse themselves in the realm of carefree happiness and electrifying fun.

Envision laughter, camaraderie, and memories being forged on the dance floor, all driven by the irresistible pulse of the music. Crafted through a collaboration built upon creativity, “Roll the Dice” was born during a spirited jam session among friends.

Victor, affectionately known as Vince, seized the essence of that session and brought it to life with his band, The Fly Bunch. The result is a funk-infused R&B anthem that captures the spontaneity and energy of that initial jam.

Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Chicago, and the iconic Prince, Vince & The Fly Bunch have infused their own unique essence into “Roll the Dice”. The captivating new single isn’t just about music; it’s about transporting listeners to a world where inhibitions are shed, and every beat resonates with celebration.

“Roll the Dice” paints a world of energetic rhythms, soul-stirring harmonies, and a vibrant celebration of life. So, roll the dice and dance to the groove; Vince & The Fly Bunch are here to make everyone’s musical journey unforgettable.

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Vince & The Fly Bunch isn’t just a band; they’re a movement, a collective of vibrant musicians on a mission to spread the infectious rhythms of R&B and funk. Formed in 2019, the group boasts a nine-member lineup that unites their diverse musical talents to create a sound that’s undeniably their own.

With a genre-bending approach that embraces the funk, soul, and R’n’B influences of the 80s and 90s, Vince & The Fly Bunch infuse each composition with their signature style.

Born from a spontaneous jam session among friends, the group’s music embodies the spirit of unity and creativity that Vince & The Fly Bunch hold dear. The heart and soul of the band, Victor, or Vince has previously released hit singles such as “Listen” and “Too Early”- with the former amassing over 36K+ streams on Spotify alone.

The artist’s musical influences, ranging from Stevie Wonder’s soulful charm to Jamiroquai’s funkadelic finesse, blend seamlessly with the individual artistry of each Fly Bunch member.


Vince & The Fly Bunch
Name: Victor Negrete



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