Find out How this Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the Feelings of music in his song “I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC”

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia — Sunday, March 31st, 2019 — Find out how this Rocking, Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the feeling of music in his songI WANT TO MAKE MUSIC

This is every music lover and Performer theme song about how music makes you feel. Feeling it at a Deeper level, To live it, Breath it, Todo and Treat others better by been influenced by the power of music that created by God to be Shared & enjoy. Discover Rocking Rocco From Queensland Australia, Creating Songs with a personal spiritual touch to connect with others from Christianity to Love & Rock, Bringing Music to life with His Soulful Vocals & Unique Style & Original Sound.

Its a Great honor to be given the gift of music to share to stand up and have a voice for others, Music can help us reach higher taking what you love can inspire us to do better. giving back & helping others that a less fortunate and reach their goals

The Song Bio ” I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC” A powerful Rock song about the passion for music and re-finding yourself to sing with new energy to reach higher, Share how music can change people how to treat others. bringing this song to life. to reach higher taking what you love how music can inspire us to do better. this is Fun upbeat part song that makes you move and sing along to it.

the song starts of lead you in and builds up at each verse feeling the beat the rhythm hearing the drums & the guitar finishing off with fresh vocals then the lead guitar comes in takes off feeling the power the vibration of the energy in the song.

Rocco Melissari & his Song ” I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC” Has been featured in few Indie features online & was added to a number of playlists, online & local Radio In Australia & United States, few other Counties. Music for life! is my motto most of my day involves music if I’m listing to it rocking to it dancing or singing with my two kids playing it or writing it or singing with friends just from all the personal messages I get over my Songs is that they love it the lyrics the vocal is just Amazing each new song Rocco Creates has its own identity a different feel, different story different beat.

Rocco has always known music is his purpose that God placed in him to Share, learning about the business, Recording, music theory and working, saving to release His music its even in m younger days had doubt I should follow this purpose it wasn’t till years later when I was certain that this is what God put in my path to do .

Whether Rocco sing a sad song or upbeat tune, He always  try’s to share his passion of music ,personality , belief in his music to have a strong message that Jesus is their and all glory goes to Christ in Heaven and with his love & understanding, we can help others to see the light and be the light, that no matter how hard things can be there is always going to be some form of darkness as long as we don’t give into it & keep breathing we can make a change around us for the better.

Rocco is from Queensland Australia writes his own music & plays Drums Guitar Piano &  has the fusion of Rock R&B Soul writing with a Christian focus and always delivering his vocals with An emotional connection of the song. If you’re looking for an Artist that down to earth and in touch with his soul & creates authentic music, and dances when He Sings, that doesn’t follow the same repeat cycle, Treats people with Respect. Then Rocco is the one to look out for in this world

Thank you for reading & listening to Rocco’s music hope you can follow Rocco Melissari on his Streaming & Social Sites add his handle @roccosmusic on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud. He would love to hear from you and make new Friends

Head on over to and sign up & Download Rocco’s Song.


Rocco Melissari, Is a Christian Singer-Songwriter that also Sings about the personal experience that we all go through from love & heart break & hard times & About Music, Bringing his songs to life From Rock & R&B, Soul, ballad, creating a unique style of his own, blending with his connecting voice to find out more Visit


Rocco Toldo
39 Pedelty Lane, Hervey Bay ,QLD 4655



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