Fans of Satriani, Vai and Dream Theater Have New Music

David Peebles

David Peebles Hits All The Right Notes—And Fans Are Responding


Windsor, Australia – February 4th, 2016 – Great guitar players are a rare breed indeed, and David Peebles is one such player. The talented instrumental guitarist, bassist, and drummer has won over fans with his virtuoso playing—and backed by the expertise of session musicians, he creates music that creates emotional landscapes through the lyricism of his fretwork.

Currently Peebles is working on completing a new album, set to be released later in the year, and is trying to get his music out to a wider audience. Featured on his album are Tony Franklin on fretless bass, Edward Roth on keyboards, Marin Motnik on bass, and Matt Snowden on drums.

“I’m looking to continue to make the music that comes from within me,” said Peebles today. “I am thrilled when fans describe it as ‘Satriani with balls’, and it inspires me to make eclectic music for them—always interesting, and always thought-provoking.”

Peebles has no plans for an upcoming tour, though this may change as 2016 progresses. Fans old and new can check out his current work by visiting the iTunes store, Google Play and other major online retailers.

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