Expressive Instrumentals and Authentic Hip Hop Storytelling- Sean XLG Reinvents Hip Hop with New Album ‘Reign Forest’

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With his new record, ‘Reign Forest’ Sean XLG presents a bold, unparalleled, and one-of-a-kind blend of Hip Hop and Instrumental music

Washington, DC, District of ColumbiaOctober 25th, 2022 – Led by soulful vocals and culturally expressive rhythms, Sean XLG’s Hip Hop music is something that audiences will find both close to home and yet oozing with experimental spirit. Motivated by a goal to try something new and yet stay true to his strengths, the rising artist stuns yet again with his new album Reign Forest’.


Delivering everyday stories uniquely, Sean brings creativity and ingenuity, which will be remembered long after one has gone through the 14-track album. From “All the Funk in the World” to “Breathe,” “The Hands of Time,” and “Pump Up to Jump Up,” Sean is able to germinate both eagerness and excitement amongst audiences, solely with his magnetism and rhythmic composing abilities. 


Building an instrumental lane in the realm of Hip Hop with “Reign Forest,” Sean XLG enchants listeners with a mix of classic jams interspersed between experimental and contemporary tracks. With his raw street beats and infectious swinging dance rhythms, the artist creates a blend that will absorb old-school fans and contemporary Hip Hop lovers. 


With tracks such as “Dance Off (AKAs vs. Deltas),” Sean XLG delivers a spirited mix of tunes highlighting the unprecedented evolution of an art form born over 40 years ago.


“This track is geared towards a dance competition and we’re hoping both groups will do some choreographed and freestyle dance videos and post them online. If we set up some live shows it’ll become a fun part of the performance,” says the artist.


Having dropped on September 25th, 2022, “Reign Forest” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all other digital music outlets. Visit Sean XLG’s official website to check out the artist’s new album! For interviews and reviews, reach out to the artist through his email. 






Sean XLG is a skilled author, rising Hip Hop artist, and singer-songwriter. He holds the honor of being the first rapper to win a national music competition and is also the author of a best-selling book- ‘Hip Hop Hooray.’ The iconic artist began writing rhymes as a pre-teen in 1979 when rap music first hit mainstream radio. Growing up, Sean was inspired by the works of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Treacherous Three, and Whodini, and early on, he performed in high school with DJ Smooth. 


Winning several talent-show competitions in the surrounding areas, Sean signed his first recording contract in 1988 with his debut track, “There’s A Party Inside My Car.” In 1990, he won the syndicated radio music competition on Radioscope. He recorded with LA-based Black Diamond Records in 1994 on “Bad Girls Wear Black” and teamed up with hip hop legend Charlie Prince of Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three in 2013 to record a series of underground hits.


In 2011, he unveiled the best-selling book ‘Hip Hop Hooray Celebrating 30 Years of Rap Music’- widely acclaimed as one of the best books written on rap music. Sean co-wrote the Million Dollar Hip Hop Challenge with fellow legend Kool Rock Ski of the Fat Boys. 


ALB Music Unlimited
Name: ALB Music Unlimited



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