Estival Production Releases “Temporada,” a Collaborative EP Featuring Anna Vanessa




Denver, CO – Estival Productions, a collaborative group of artists and audio engineers in Denver, CO, is pleased to announce the release of Temporada featuring Anna Vanessa.

Temporada takes you down an earthy trail through calm creeks, dark groves, and sunny meadows of wildflowers. This heartfelt EP will soothe the ears as numerous friends join the composition to create melodic complexities to entertain the audience.

“This project has evolved into more than I ever imagined,”said Anna. “I am so grateful for Silas Goss and Tyler Darkstarr’s time, audio engineering talents, and creative brains. Without them, these songs would have continued to circle through my bedroom and friend’s living rooms.”

The team of creators worked on the songs over the course of a year before bringing them to the public audience.

Please contact Anna Vanessa (417)317-2661 or visit and for more details



Anna Vanessa plays music and collaborates with Estival musicians around Denver, CO. ...Read More

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