Emcee D Unknoen and the School of Hard Knox.

Emcee D Unknoen and the School of Hard Knox.


Contact: Dane Lighthouse or Damian Forest Light
Phone: 310-740-7315
Email: [email protected]

San Luis Obispo, Ca   Emcee D Unknoen, serving as his co-writer, Damian Forest Light, has grown up on the mean streets of New York City. Without parents, he survived raising himself along with several of his step father’s and uncles, teaching him his values and keeping him in school everyday. The closest relative he had, was his grandmother, and he used to visit her once a week.  Alot of other people used to pretend to be his relatives to make him feel comfortable, and like he had a family. D Unknoen learned at an early age, that to survive as the class clown, you had to be a good student. So making his classmates laugh 5- 25 times a day out loud, meant that you had to do your homework, and pass your tests. So when D was about 14, he was underwent a depression, finding out that his mother now had cancer. Luckily, just a few months before, he started writing poetry of a gothic sense, and this worried his foster family. D started hanging out and smoking weed in high school, and this brought his creativity and imagination to a peak, as he strove to write a poem or a short story everyday. For years, he recited his poetry to his friends, and they begged him to put it to music.

When high school was over, he started writing a book. A fiction adventure tale and in a couple of years and a bunch of re writes, he had a sequel. By now, he had left the poor but middle class world of Brooklyn, NY and went back to his family’s roots in Arizona. His family was from a town outside of Tombstone, and he moved to a small city outside of Phoenix. D Unknoen worked steadily at a day job and as a writer.  After taking to the road, he spent some time in Seattle, Wa trying to adapt to the comedy and grunge scene of alternative rock. He soon moved to the mountains outside of San Francisco, and found himself with marijuana growers in Humboldt County. After seven years on and off travelling by car and plane back to New York City and Humboldt, California, D moved to Los Angeles for seven years. Here, he would struggle to find freedom in the music industry, and turn to acting and background acting for feature films and television. He would become a featured actor, in quite a number of web series flicks, and for some underground cable television. He would live in and out of motels, and in the streets of Los Angeles, looking for a break, not before going out to the Atlanta/ Athens area of Georgia, and putting together a demo with some musicians, prior to heading up to New York again to shop this demo. In a year, D Unknoen found himself thrown out of his house for smoking weed without a prescription in NY, and living outside during a blizzard. He was working a job as the Easter Bunny and a Photographer, when he met a hot cougar and moved in with her.

In a few months he was back on the street collecting cans, and working construction. During this time, Damian D Unknoen, tried to put together another Demo; this time with some old rocksteady rhythms he stole from Tower Records and a  Lee Scratch Perry album of Bob Marley’s. One of the studios where D was recording this was actually owned by the Tower Records store on W 4 St. In Manhattan. They were quick to offer a deal to D Unknoen, and started producing his demo free of charge. They made alot of promises, and were also quick to delay meetings and give him big hopes of becoming a professional artist.

After about 6 months, D got in trouble for taking a couple of bottles of wine for celebration, and mid party was told by Tower Records W 4 St. owners, Von Thadden and Bad One Records of Staten Island, that Tower Records would be declaring bankruptsy. D Unknoen might not ever be released, and the work might be left unattended. D Unknoen that next day, bought his own music software and started writing his own music programs and looking to finish and write songs. 8 months later his music was entertained by a producer named Malik Brooks out of Manhattan and he said he was with Warner Records.

He made the suggestions to produce a commercial album for D, but was irresponsible with his schedule and D did not finish the negotiations. He took the advice and wrote a new album demo that now, 8 years later, is released on Itunes. You can find the music of D Unknoen, on most internet sites that play MP3’s and you can find him under Emcee D Unknoen, Damian Forest Light and D Unknown. D attends film school presently in California and is working on numerous screenplays registered with the WGAW. He hopes to attain his degree in Screenwriting.

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