Embrace the Raw, Melancholic Melodies of Americana with Transformative Storytelling – Singer-Artist Damien Rattler Drops New Album

Damien Rattler

Offering an incredible depth and vivid imagery, Damien Rattler’s new record ‘Heartache at Sunrise’ is a heartfelt journey through the brilliance of human emotions

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Damien Rattler is no stranger to virtuosity. With his expert songwriting skills, compositional flow, fluent production, and stellar instrumentation, Rattler has created a noteworthy presence in the music world. With the release of his striking new record, ‘Heartache At Sunrise,’ the talented artist lifts the shroud from a string of illuminating and engaging stories of human emotion. Touching upon ideas of isolation, resilience, hope, heartbreak, and regret, ‘Heartache at Sunrise’ presents itself to audiences as a poignantly curated companion through the times.

Displaying his unparalleled flair at 6 string and 12 string acoustic guitars and harmonica, Damien Rattler is intently composing music which speaks to a wider audience. Through his heart-rending narratives, Rattler offers a vivid and viscerally appealing blend of images, leaving listeners with the possibilities open for interpretation.

Damien Rattler outlines an understated, persistent, and melodic image of melancholy. Tracks such as “Tell Me Who” focus on the suspicion of minds, insecurity, and vulnerabilities that underpin many relationships.

Similarly, “Long Way Down” portrays the parallel of nature and resilience of the human experience, with each lyric revealing how life tests you with insurmountable challenges. The powerful single embodies the value of growth, transformative, and the evolutionary journey which many undergo in life.

A passionate storyteller with intimate songwriting, Damien Rattler remains inspired by two legendary icons who have given him much fuel to experiment, evolve, and continually challenge himself. Firstly, Bob Dylan, whose diverse and expansive range provides an uncompromising yet evolving appeal, and secondly, the inimitable rhythmic soundscapes of Bruce Springsteen.

With the goal of continuing to write and perform his own songs, Rattler is driven for creating a unique presence and aspires to leave a lasting legacy. He plans to continue his stories and drop a sophomore acoustic album, “Rambling Flame” by late 2023.

“My long-term goal for my music career is to reach a large audience. I always wanted to write and perform my own songs and to share my talents with the world. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the marquee: “Damien Rattler Live Tonight!” in my hometown of Toronto at the big ball park- that’s when I’ll know that I’ve arrived,” says the artist. 

Stream Damien Rattler’s digital music on Spotify and other official streaming platforms. Follow the artist social media (Instagram) for updates on new music and visit his official website (www.damienrattler.com) for exciting news and media!



Damien Rattler is a self-taught singer-songwriter, musician, composer, producer, performer and recording artist from Toronto, Ontario. The spirit of his sound is deeply saturated in Americana and Roots music. Damien Rattler has been making music and performing for over 20 years, writing tracks that offer incredible depth and imaginative imagery.

Rattler released his first EP in 2015 and five singles in 2016 alongside rhythm and blues band The Electric Soul Circus. His first solo album: “Heartache At Sunrise” has been released on December 12 2022. His sophomore acoustic album, “Rambling Flame” is set to hit all digital platforms by the end of 2023. Characterized by his smoky vocals and powerful live performance energy, Damien Rattler continues to wow audiences far and wide through his storytelling finesse and charismatic showmanship.


Damien Rattler
Name: Damien Rattler
Email: info@damienrattler.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DamienRattler/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damien_rattler
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DamienRattler
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@damienrattler
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0N7ur72zhLKrbvybYsd5qS
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/damienrattler

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