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Songwriter/Recording Artist/ Engineer

Origin: Detroit, Michigan Decades: 1989 – Present

James “Elteezy” Bearden (born May 6,1975) in Detroit, Michigan. Elteezy founded JNJ Ignite Music in 2013. Elteezy who records under his nick name/ Stage name Elteezy, is a International recording artist and Songwriter.
Elteezy has been WRITING & recording SINCE 1989.

Elteezy is A MEMBER OF ASCAP SINCE 2005 . He started as a DJ, at the age of 12. Music has been apart of him since birth whether it was listening , dancing, writing to use it as therapy or entertaining with it. Numerous of times he almost gave it up. addicted to music like a drug to the point he has seen relationships end. Struggles and pain which life lessons have taught him that is what gives birth to bring the dreams into reality.

When asked what motivates him? He replied: I’m always wanting more, family, nay Sayers and the Passion for success will always make you want it so bad till you pursue it like the air you breathe.

Elteezy has written and worked with various of recording artist(s) and

Producer(s). Elteezy is a very talented music genius that captivates the crowd With his catchy hooks and melodies that are well structured. Production arrangements are phenomenal.

Elteezy catalog consists of 2 mixtapes “On Fire” and “Noticed.”
He originally became known for his debut on his mentor Scoob Serious album “Off with the Mask”, “The Struggle”, and his first solo album “City of Macadornia.” released on Visualize Music Group/Totally Enthrall Records in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010.

Awards: 1st place mic battle champion for 1month and received a award for best lyricist of the year in 2003.

Personal Interests: family, friends, fans, performing, recording, writing, giving back to the community. changing lifes in a major way……Through his music reaching millions of lost souls. After parting ways from Visualize Music Group. Elteezy states Scoob and him still remain Friends and they will continue to work together on future projects and business ventures.

Now in 2013 releasing his new album “Hoodlampin” the mixtape independently on jnj ignite music taking the world by Storm. This album really shows his diversity and it is different from any album he has done so far. Tune in to hear more songs by Elteezy on Jango/Elteezy Radio