Ellen Hayes


Contact: Ellen Hayes
Phone: 313-784-1979
Email: ehayes9963@yahoo.com

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Detroit, The Motor City, Motown, whatever you call it, there’s no secret of its heavy contributions to the world of music. From the Motown sound to its deep gospel music roots, Detroit artists’ have stood at the top with some of the best artists’ the world has known. Ellen Hayes is ready to make her mark as one of the next gospel greats to come from the city. With her smooth, sultry vocals, Ellen is sure to capture the attention music lovers worldwide and leave them begging for. “I’m just happy that other people enjoy it. Her forthcoming album release, Step into your Blessing, is a mix of R&B, jazz and soul. Inspiring, soulful and uplifting are a few words that come to mind when describing Ellen Hayes and “Step into your Blessing.