Electrifying Mix of Hip-Hop Music That Makes The Audience Sway: Ice Media Releases A Hit New Exciting Album That Relates To The Masses.

ice media

‘The Crafting’ is a brilliant consortium of music that speaks to the hearts and minds of all who are acquainted with the harsh realities of life.

buffalo, new york — Ice Media, also known as Treezlee, is a hip new up-and-coming artist who creates music that comes from his unique circumstances. The eclectic singer wishes to produce music that relates to all those that come from similar backgrounds and face similar hardships. In doing so, the musician has provided avid listeners with a one-stop cathartic space wherein they find recognition and love through the community.

Ice Media has always imbibed a forward-thinking spot in his future vision to ensure that the music that he so dutifully creates follows some trajectory. This is because the singer wishes his music to both have a relatability to recent happenings as well as the ability to be timeless. This backdrop in musical production provides this music with the ability to continue to be something brilliantly new and interesting,

Some of the musician’s most notable singles include “Grow”, “Get It Going”, and “In The Trenches” each of which highlights the unique struggle that the artist is going through. The singles speak volumes in terms of the circumstances and emotions that each individual goes through in their life. By using music as a gateway for the community, Treezlee has helped bring a fresh new wave of creativity to the industry. The most interesting aspect of this is the fact that this music is there for everyone in troubled times as a mode of escape.

The sheer lyrical genius of this music coupled with eccentric background vocals and catchy hip-hop tunes makes each single a for-sure crowd-pleaser. Each verse creates a different impact on the listener making them ache for more music. Treezlee’s strong vocals compliment the unique beats and mix present within the music in ‘The Crafting’.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube, Spotify, and his website at this link  https://treezlee.hearnow.com. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email dniles43@gmail.com.



Treezlee is an exciting new urban engineer in music who constructs musical beats that beckon all listeners.  This new “engineer” is most notable for his unique and powerful take on hip-hop and its role in community building. Each album single cements its role in highlighting a new emotion that most individuals from all over the world go through. The rapper paints a picture through his singles which helps form a rapport between listeners.

The young singer has been committed to musical production using his humble beginnings as a source of inspiration in weaving together powerful lyrics. Being involved in music from the 90s has provided Ice Media with the unique ability to bridge the gap between two generations through music that has both a nostalgic element as well as contemporary influences.


ice media
Name: treezlee
Address: 1659 fillmore, buffalo, New York
Email: dniles43@gmail.com
Phone: 7166026746


Instagram: https://treezlee716
Twitter: https://treezlee716

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