Dukes of DaVille To Release ‘The Legend of DaVille’ Throughout 2019

Their Song “Aqua Sunrise” Featured in Showtime’s Shameless

Atlanta, Georgia – April 8, 2019 – When it comes to stepping outside of the box, Dukes of DaVille have stepped out, tossed the box down the street, and set it ablaze. Taking hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk, pop, and even country Dukes of DaVille have crafted a sound that is truly their own. Now they’re looking to deliver each and every side of them throughout 2019 as they release The Legend of DaVille chapter by chapter.

Dukes of DaVille is multi-layered, with each chapter posing its own identity. With a collection of inextinguishable sound provided by literal production geniuses, the Dukes of DaVille successfully paint decades of emotion and vibrant colors relatable to most. Their colorful harmony is the cohesive ingredient resonating throughout the whimsical journey called The Legend of DaVille. It goes without saying that this album sets them apart from their musical peers in every way imaginable.

That is no surprise though as Dukes of DaVille have been on top of their game since the start. Over the years their music has been heard in national ads for notable brands like Tide, as well as in spots for movies and TV including Ashton Kutcher’s 2009 release What Happens in Vegas, the Shonda Rhimes’ drama Private Practice, and most recently fans of Showtime’s Shameless could hear their single “Aqua Sunrise” in ninth season of the award-winning series.

Together Ricky B and Jimmy Smalls are now taking on the task of delivering each and every time they drop something new from The Legend of DaVille. Those interested in coming on that audible journey should not hesitate to hop on board. Those ready to review The Legend of DaVille, feature Dukes of DaVille, or interview the duo on their site or podcast, can reach out via the information provided below.


Dukes of DaVille is a multi-genre duo out of Atlanta dropping their latest, The Legend of DaVille, throughout 2019.

Dukes of DaVille

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dukesofdaville

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