Dread Falls Theatre Brings Lovecraft-Inspired Immersive Show Father Dagon to a New Podcast Series

Dread Falls Theatre Brings Lovecraft-Inspired Immersive Show Father Dagon to a New Podcast Series


London, UK — March 13, 2017 — Gothic/Folk tale driven drama company Dread Falls Theatre has produced a new podcast series based on their recently touring immersive live show, Father Dagon. Written and directed by Victoria Snaith, the six-episode series will present new Lovecraft-inspired tales featuring the characters from the live show depicting the events that drew the characters together in the play.

“Although the live show was told through physicality,” Snaith says, “each of the characters had a writ-ten backstory. These backstories were unreleased to the public, they were purely for my actors, and were created to help them get into the minds of the characters. These backstories were what I used to create the podcast script. The original backstories looked at how the characters came to be in Innsmouth (the town [taken from Lovecraft’s writing] in which the live show was set) and where the backstory ended was where the live show began. This gave me a great advantage when starting the adaptation process; almost immediately I had six episodes, all with their own self-contained story, but headed towards a converging storyline.”

The podcast will feature sound design from Lovecraft-inspired Futurist composer and percussionist Seesar, who also contributed to the sound design for the live performances of Father Dagon. Each episode will contain both the Dread Falls Theatre radio play with backing music, plus a bonus repeat of the soundtrack without the vocals for those wishing to revisit the episodes’ compositions alone. In keeping with the underlying Lovecraft-related theme that embraces a “fear of the unknown” Snaith instilled in the live performance, the compositions heard in the podcast employ a multitude of unusual and unfamiliar sounds and instruments. Specifically, Seesar makes use of homemade noise makers and household items re-purposed for sound generation, alongside extended performance techniques of traditional percussion to create acoustic musical elements he then manipulates in the studio to compose works for the podcast’s soundtrack.

A trailer for Father Dagon was released on Monday the 13th of March, offering a teaser of the stories and music to come. The podcast series will air every other Monday, starting 3rd of April, 2017, and episodes (including the new trailer) will be available for streaming and download on YouTube, SoundCloud, LibSyn, iTunes, or the Dread Falls Theatre official home page at http://dreadfallstheatre.libsyn.com/.

For more information, visit http://www.dreadfallstheatre.com or visit Dread Falls Theatre’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/dreadfallstheatre.


Will Connor is a practising Ethnomusicologist and percussionist living and working in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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The Seesar project constructs dark ambient soundscapes inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, utilizing Italian Futurism and Dadaist… ...Read More

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