Dr. Frank, The Music Man Uses a Spinet Piano to Make Old Music New Again

Dr. Frank, The Music Man Uses a Spinet Piano to Make Old Music New Again


Kettering, Ohio — Monday, February 22nd, 2021 — Dr. Frank, The Music Man is a rare gem these days. He’s a self-taught old school piano player that can also sing. He takes just about any kind of music he likes and turns it on its head, morphing classical music into jazz and boogie and re-inventing any music as he sees fit. He is playful, ornery, and just plain old irreverent.

Dr. Frank is a breath of fresh air, an absolute original class act with a unique air of originality. The man has raw talent that he pushes through piano keys as naturally as he sings. When he plays, people listen. They really … listen. Sometimes,  they even cry.

Dr. Frank loves music and wants to share his love for it with you. He is free, wild, untamed, and completely original. Let him rapture you up in his unique, sparkling style of playing.

You really need to listen to what Dr. Frank does in order to understand his style of playing. It’s really quite simple to do: Just go to his Facebook page and check him out.  He’ll even consider requests, but beware: you will either be shocked or delighted by what he does with your song. There will be no middle ground.

Dr. Frank is a self-taught old school piano player and singer who takes any kind of music that “speaks to him” and makes it his own. He won’t play music that turns him off because that is phony and he is too old for that kind of nonsense. Take him or leave him, it’s all up to you. He’ll go on playing just the same.

Check out my Facebook page. If you like what you hear, please visit my Vimeo site that now has ten music videos on it and Bandcamp with ten audio downloads





Dr. Frank, The Music Man is a solo act for now. He does his own recordings at home that also include original music with lyrics.



Frank Abernathy
2612 Midvale Street


Dr. Frank, The Music Man, like all humans, is defined by his past. I'm over 70 years old and have… ...Read More

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