Do you know what’s real? King Goldie does follow her on a journey where she analyzes the world we are in

Do you know what's real? King Goldie does follow her on a journey where she analyzes the world we are in


Toronto, Canada — Sunday, March 14th, 2021 — King Goldie’s improved single has emerged from the deep depths of thought and consciousness with a sprinkle of real world views.

What’s next for this melodic humble supreme? keep reading for more.

It’s a journey King Goldie is on, and she is on to something.

Questioning the normality’s of society, King Goldie’s sound is something to watch out for.

Innovative and fresh the vibes are unmatched. To listen to her music follow on YouTube she only encourages those who are ready to evolve nothing more nothing less. March 14th will be the release of her new single.

“Her music is so uplifting, and brings me on a journey that I am very unfamiliar with. It’s perfect because everything is sounding the same right now”


“She’s the future, I think she’s like Bitcoin in their early stages, hold onto her music from now because she’s going to the MOON!”




This press release is a soft introduction to King Goldie based in Toronto Canada. She has Jamaican roots with Jazz and Opera Influence. King Goldie Has performed for Nelson Mandela, and one of the Prime Ministers of Canada. Royalty flows through her blood…be sure to tune into her chronicles for more updates.


Follow her on YouTube as her journey is always unfolding.





King Goldie born in Regent Park , Toronto in the 90s was no place for a child who was connected to nature and sounds.

She played for various audiences including Nelson Mandela & the Prime Minister of Canada. She has Jamaican influence in her background always reminding others of their truth and obstacles. She reigns over her world, and conquers al her demons, thus her music is born. Formed from pain, despair, and the knowing that her truth will set her free.



King Goldie
King Goldie

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