Djsaynomore Pens Tribute to Liberia with Latest Single

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“Cross My Heart” Available Now


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 11, 2016 – Not only a man who can write a song, he’s an emcee who can make a room explode with a variety of emotions as he’s the resident DJ in numerous clubs around the world including the Middle East, Africa, Canada and the US. With that, he’s seen a lot the world has to offer, and feels for those in trying times. That’s why he wrote a tribute to Liberia by way of his latest single, “Cross My Heart.”

Available now, Djsaynomore described “Cross My Heart” as, “The problem and the solution giving you the truth, and nothing but the truth.” Which is what he has always done as an artist. He says his music can be summed up in two words, “makes sense.” The lyrics are universal as they capture current life, as well as changing events. Both his words and his musical style are easy on the ears and even easier to understand. He gets to the point and that allows for people to enjoy his melody and rhythmic soul sooner than later.

“Cross My Heart” is just the tip of Djsaynomore’s musical iceberg as he has plenty more to share. Right as the New Year begins, he’ll drop Timeless Collections. The album is the culmination of a decade-long goal of his, as well as a demonstration of his ability and profound experience traveling.

Djsaynomore’s “Cross My Heart” is available now, while Timeless Collections will be here January 1, 2017. For more information on Djsaynomore, head here.


About: a hip hop artist as well as a DJ who creates music that he says just “makes sense” on a grander scale. He recently released his tribute to Liberia by way of his single, “Cross My Heart” and will soon drop his Timeless Collections album on January 1, 2017.

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