DJ Ted leaves the fans thirsty for more!

Contact: Ted Jackson
Phone: 412-726-5873

PITTSBURGH, PA – Bring your cup and get a free refill of his funky and catchy tunes! You will definitely love those incredibly catchy lyrics of his, which have a dj flavor to them and adds perfectly to the mix.

Are you thirsty for some funky music? DJ Ted, Or Ted Jackson( his real name)from Pittsburgh PA, is a amazing solo artist with music in his blood, and puts real heart and soul into every song he composes. Although he has been a composer and keyboard player for years, he exploded onto the scene in 2012 with his unique recording styles and funky melodies by using computer technology to create his songs. “It’s A Groove Thing” was his first funky and catchy dance song that generated one of the most requested downloaded dance/pop songs of the 2012-2013 year. He continues to gain support from his 1500+ fans and is always coming up with funkier hits for the fans to enjoy. Other songs like “Rock The House” and “Billionaire” are also some of his biggest requested downloads/streams on the amazon and itunes websites.Several of his sites have dubbed him as one of the top ten in his genre, with several of his songs being in the top ten! The numbers don’t lie. His current song streams on one of his sites have reached the over 400,000 mark!

Before you put that cup down, don’t forget to really listen to this guys tunes and feel the emotions and messages that he puts into the songs. It will leave you tapping your feet and bobbing your head!

Check out DJ teds songs (both instrumental and lyrical songs) here: