DJ Arthur Looby Partners with the National Stroke Association for New Charity Release


Barron, Wisconsin — June 1, 2016 — DJ Arthur Looby is releasing a new album for charity that features many big name and underground musicians who’ve teamed up for this record. The WWE mentioned the upcoming album on a Monday Night Raw episode in March, and also showed their support for the album via Twitter.

Looby started recording an album with band member Showbiz. Then when Showbiz tragically suffered a stroke and wasn’t able to perform his parts anymore to support his family. A great talent with many rewards from Arizona as a talented rapper, he wanted to share his talent with the world they could experience his music, and can also enjoy what many big name and underground artists have put together in this album. It is a dedication to Showbiz, and is also a effort to bring awareness of what a stroke can do and what a tragic impact it can have on victims.

This album will include two songs of the from stroke impacted Showbiz, including the nominated song “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” Other artists on this album are; Shakira, Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, Madonna, 50 Cent, ABBA, Michael Jackson, Kelis, Lethal Bizzle, Scruffy Dat, Top MC, Showbiz and Ludacris.

Support this project when it is out it is for charity for the National Stroke Association and everyone that loves music.


DJ Arthur Looby is putting out a great album that goes for a great cause. After one of his close friends and fellow artists, Showbiz, had a stroke and he wanted to do something to bring awareness to the effects it can have on people.

DJ Arthur Looby
Arthur Looby

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