Australian Composer Derrick Nicholas

26-029a Mundaring Weir

Electronic with a Classical Flare


Perth, Australia – February 28, 2017 – Some artists, all they ever want is the limelight. They want the paparazzi to follow them through the mall and live on their every Tweet. Then there are others like Derrick Nicholas who are happy with only their music getting the recognition it deserves. He’s a composer, one of the truest art forms there is. Down in Perth he constructs sounds that take the classical and give them a modern, electronic feel – and he has big plans for them.

His debut, IKRE, was light classical but as he progressed as an artist he felt there was more movement to be had in what he was doing. He then envisioned listeners not just sitting around with the sounds he created, but up and moving about. With that he generated something new with his Cubase  with various VST instruments. The result being two more records that had more of an electronic base to them. He feels those were made for the ballroom.

Dancers and dance studios are the perfect audience for the music of Derrick Nicholas for he writes with movement in mind. That can be heard on his two latest releases, Ballroom Electronica and Ballroom Electronica Vol. 2. 26 tracks in total, those with feet always up and ready to go will appreciate the sounds flowing from both records.

With a growing fanbase on Jango, Derrick Nicholas has proven he’s got what it takes. So those interested in adding his music to their playlists, studios or routines can get in touch with him via the information below.


Derrick Nicholas is a composer who started out in the classical range, but has recently found himself exploring more of an electronic route with his last two releases; Ballroom Electronica and Ballroom Electronica Vol. 2.

Derrick Nicholas
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