Dany PATARINI Pops with ‘Sofa Telefonino Aurélie’


The Master of the Business of Pop


Cattolica, RN Italy – March 29, 2016 – One never knows what life is going to throw their way or what obstacles they’ll run into, so when those arise – all one can do is rise even higher. That’s what Dany PATARINI did after he was the victim of an accident in Cannes in the summer of 2007. His Majesty Saudi Prince Alkoli Mohamed was driving under the influence when he crashed into PATARINI that day. He was later found guilty of having alcohol in his bloodstream, but only got two days behind bars. PATARINI walked away with a new outlook on life.

He says that accident really propelled him further into his love for music and motivated him to create. Some years later he started to make music and hasn’t stopped since, with his latest, Sofa telefonino aurélie, being his current pride and joy.

It wasn’t always music that gave him a purpose though. The now pop artist has a Certification in Human Resources of Harvard Business School, and also graduated with a Master’s degree in 2010 from SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera. With all that under his belt he went into business and for almost a decade he worked in European Accounting, International Private Banking, International Consultant, Governments, International Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transports, Energies, Nuclear, Aerospace, Defenses and International Financial Controller including in IBM (as International Financial Controller at the level High Management in the Headquarter International).

Dany PATARINI has a different outlook on life and music, and that can and is heard on Sofa telefonino aurélie, which dropped in early February 2016. With a new album out, he’s been relentlessly working towards sharing it with the world, live on stage.

This scholar has proven he’s one of the best when it comes to business, now he’s going all in and hopes to do the same when it comes to the pop music realm. Those interested in joining Dany PATARINI on his journey to the top, can check him out here.

Dany Patarini is an Italian pop singer whose latest album, Sofa telefonino aurélie, is currently available.


Official Site: http://www.danypatarini.com


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