DaNoyd Drops “Miss Me”


New Single Available Now

Los Angeles, California – March 24, 2017 – Blending all that is good from the likes of Reggae, hip hop and soul, and then giving it an alternative twist is what listeners can expect each and every time they listen to a piece of music from LA’s own DaNoyd, aka the former lead singer of Beats-n-Bluntz. Currently music fans can get all of that and more with his latest single, “Miss Me.”

“Miss Me” joins a cascade of releases from DaNoyd. He has an arsenal of sorts when it comes to music, this pianist has released more than his fair share of music over the years including “Sounds Like Science,” “Watching Her Watching Him” and an instrumental piece “A Minor Come Up.” Now his latest single is joining the ranks with a fresh sound that is sure to engage fans that yearn for something new in their ears.

When DaNoyd isn’t working on his own music, he is playing keyboard for a number a various Reggae artists in the area. With “Miss Me” being out for consumption, this Jack of all trades is working on creating music for licensing deals, as well as planning a tour all his own.

Those interested in hearing more from DaNoyd, adding “Miss Me” to their playlist or booking him for an appearance can get in touch via the information provided below.


DaNoyd is a multi-genre artist from Los Angeles who balances Reggae with hip hop and soul in his music, and in latest single “Miss Me.”


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beatsbluntz
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/deriq-carr/miss-me-feat-danoyd

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