Danny Gee Goju Gets Politically Incorrect with New Album


Politically Incorrect (Shut the **** up), Out Now


Dublin, Ireland – April 19, 2017 – With all that is going on in the world, it is hard to find time to laugh. That is where artists like Danny Gee Goju come along. At the start of March 2017 he released his latest album Politically Incorrect (Shut the *​*​*​* up​!​) for those he feels have a “Wicked sense of humor.”

Growing up with a sense of humor, and a way with words Danny Gee Goju put two and two together to create music that wasn’t too serious in nature. He wanted to make people smile with his sounds, and he’s kept that going with Politically Incorrect (Shut the *​*​*​* up​!​). A supersized album with over 30 tracks, Danny didn’t hold back with this one. He’s managed to impress locally as “No Politricks” and “Gotta Dig Deep” both hit number one in the singer-songwriter category on Number One Music since the album’s release.

A singer-songwriter with hints of pop and even some hip hop tossed into the mix, Danny Gee Goju wants to get his music out there to the fans, but also to bigger artists who will license his tracks and record them themselves.

For those interested in reviewing Politically Incorrect (Shut the *​*​*​* up​!​) or adding songs from that album to their playlist, interviewing Danny Gee Goju, or licensing can get in touch via the information below.


Danny Gee Goju is a multifaceted singer-songwriter from Dublin whose sense of humor and way with words have led to his latest release, Politically Incorrect (Shut the *​*​*​* up​!​).

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