Cryme Music


Contact: Xuede
Phone: 816-724-6353

KANSAS CITY, MO – The artist known as Xuede is hittin the streets to campaign the latest movement known as PLAN Z. Plan Z is a term that means, no plans no blueprints, without thought just action to get whatever he objective is done. Cryme music is what this artist is known for becuase of the environment and lifestyle of the artist in which Music lovers across the globe should be able to relate to. This artist horror style presentation is to be well liked by many listeners who are known as products of their environment. Xuede represents for the losers, heathens, hustlers misfits etc. All of the above. Its about time a musician came to the scene without fear of what people have to say or think. He takes it to the limit and pucsed every boundary that is set forth. Xuede plans on collaborations throughout the midwest and south regions to get the movement moving in a direction that is highly contoversial but successful. Its goning to be an exciting year coming forward for this individual. Plan Z. Its a movement.