Cristina Noor Wishes The World a “Delightful And Golden Happy Birthday”


A Reason to Celebrate Everyday


Quebec, Canada – May 4, 2016 – No one ever thinks about it, but the fact is that birthdays occur every day. There is not one day on the calendar in which no one was ever brought into this world. While it’s not a common thought for most, it was something that came to Cristina Noor’s mind. With that thought he penned his latest single “Delightful And Golden Happy Birthday.”

A lover of words, Noor was around 20-years-old when songwriting became the norm in life. An educational background in English quickly grew into a love affair with writing music and with that, uplifting lyrics started to spill from Noor’s pen. In a recent interview with Exposed Vocals, the singer noted, “I write songs to touch the bottom of people’s heart in a meaningful way.

I hope to make the world a happier place through my positive songwriting.”

Inspired by the relationships that surround, Noor got busy writing a new song that makes people not only think and appreciate, but it gives them a reason to celebrate. “Delightful And Golden Happy Birthday” is a song that makes people realize that every day is someone’s birthday, whether one knows someone born that day or not, someone out there in the world is blowing out candles – so why not treat each day like a party?

Those looking to celebrate alongside Cristina Noor can check out “Delightful And Golden Happy Birthday” now.

Cristina Noor is a singer-songwriter who is focused on delivering uplifting music to the world, especially wit

h latest single “Delightful And Golden Happy Birthday.”

Cristina Noor
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