Conversion – “American Psongs”


“Small American Band Has Giant July 4th Dream — World Peace Through Psongs of Hope”

Conversion’s Debut Album Extends Olive Branch To All Nations


Denver, CO, July 4, 2018 (AP) – Per a United Nations resolution in 2002, September 21 has been designated as the International Day of Peace, but as the United States prepares to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of its Declaration of Independence on July 4th, America and the world continue to experience a never-ending stream of crimes against humanity — suicide bombers, school shootings, police violence, and border wars. So, a small studio band from Colorado, Conversion, has a giant July 4th dream, much like the memorable vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, with a twist: World Peace Through Psongs of Hope. Their new, double CD, debut album can be heard and purchased at

Although America has been specially blessed by God, America in recent years has drifted away from God and His ways and has suffered untold violence and tragedy, much like the ancient nation of Israel suffered greatly when they turned their backs on God. Perhaps in the same way that King David honored God with words and music — and who also lived with a generous and loving heart for both friends and enemies through his Psalms —Conversion can provide hope today with American Psongs™.

Mankind’s attempts to solve the violence and tragedies of today have, at best, met with partial success; if ever there was a time in human history where God’s direct intervention was directly needed, that time is now. Enter Conversion and their new album, American Psongs. As advocated by Dr. King, all Christians are called to love both friend and enemy, as did King David in Bible times, and this is non-negotiable — as challenging as it seems.

At the same time, Christians are called to humbly seek God’s help when human solutions fail, for God is always loyal to his faithful people, and we desperately need His help right here, right now. Music — as expressed through these Psongs of Hope — can be a simple starting point for opening dialogue with friends and enemies alike, regardless of their faiths, beliefs, or cultures.  As President Ronald Reagan once stated, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

It makes sense that Conversion’s veteran musicians—lead guitarist JD Hash, singer/guitarist Jack Moss, and guitarist/songwriter Frank Harritt—are all committed Christians and committed rockers.  JD and Jack have previously toured the country in their earlier careers, and Frank has played in a variety of local rock and bluegrass bands since the age of 15. “Our music is a simple starting point to open cross-cultural, cross-faith dialogue if the listeners like the music,” says Mr. Harritt, “and right here, right now may be an ideal time to reach out to the world with the message that God’s Love and Mercy will overcome any and all sin and evil…for anyone, anywhere.”

Conversion’s new album of 23 upbeat rock and country Psongs — distinctively American in their roots — offer hope to a suffering world that seeks to understand one another better. We are all part of one family, the family of humanity, all the children of God, who desires that all people of all times are saved to eternal life with Him (1 Tim 2-4). Our situation, while difficult, is absolutely not hopeless; on the contrary, God’s Love and Mercy are available and ready to overcome any sin or evil committed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Conversion’s Psongs of Hope are both a direct appeal to God for His help in bringing about world peace as well as a musical olive branch to all nations, that they too might hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Frank M. Harritt

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