ConSysTnt Creations

Contact: Brandon Barbee
Phone: (719) 217-7354



ConSysTnt Creations is the heart of true talent, not just another temporary one-hit wonder…

In 2013, ConSysTnt Creations plans to release a myriad of quality music into the Film/TV, and Label Artist scene to bring back ‘The Truth’ in overall quality sound.

ConSysTnt Creations was initiated on or about DEC 2012 by music producer/engineer(self-proclaimed) ‘ConSysTnt’ with the intentions of licensing to Radio, Magazine, Film/Tv, and established industry artists primarily in the fields of Hip-Hop and R&B Genres.

ConSysTnt has such a great appreciation and talent for music that every song is created with a passion that can be felt with every ever-changing mood of all compositions he has to offer!

ConSysTnt Creations’ material is recorded from a home studio using a MACBOOK Pro, Yamaha MM8 keyboard, Maschine Mikro DAW, Cubase/or ProTools DAW, Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2, amplifier and a series of monitors including Behringer Truth.

The intent is to create a professional sound with minimal (if any) work needed on finished product. ConSysTnt is a perfectionist, and it shows in his product! Undoubtedly, ConSysTnt Creations is the sound of now, and the future, enable yourself with the musical edge; “ConSysTnt Creations!”

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ConSysTnt Creations, the sound of now, and the future! All Aboard!!!

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