Colo M.Dolo Drops Hot Debut Mixtape ‘Wake Up & Get It’



Little Rock, Arkansas – February 15, 2017 – Arkansas native Colo M.Dolo has introduced a scorching twelve-track playlist titled Wake Up & Get It that rivals any new artist today. Well worth the mention, the tape features great production and catchy bars that aren’t overpowered by the melodies or bass. The tape has a very cultural message of black empowerment with tracks like As I Ride and Hands Up while still offering that trap sound we all love with tunes like “Sell Dope” and “Wake Up & Get It.”

The tape features songs for the people. It’s the ultimate form of expression as Colo executes punchlines that will leave you guessing for a while. With Colo’s lyrics along with the awesome production the tape is a must hear for fans of true hip hop. The tape is a representation of good music and a definite boost for the culture of hip hop especially with all of the none original style floating around today.

The twelve-track tape is just a scratch at the surface of what Colo M.Dolo the artist/producer and really put out. Wake Up & Get It is scary good for a project recorded in a closet and produced by the artist himself. The tape is out now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other Tunecore streamers.


Colo M.Dolo
Cortland Fleming

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Wake Up & Get It is a 12 track mixtape that Colo M.Dolo  produced eight songs on. Its whole purpose… ...Read More

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