Cody Wall Introduces the New Era of R&B



Mount Airy, North Carolina – July 14, 2016 – It is time to check out the artist that is taking over the indie music game. Those who think they have heard it all, will be taken aback when they hear hear what Cody Wall’s take on today’s modern hip hop and R&B.

Many who have listened to this rising star believe Wall will change the way R&B is looked at forever. Growing up listening to Drake and similar artists, 19-year-old rapper/singer Cody Wall shortly began partaking music of his own. Starting out as just another rapper on Facebook posting remixs, he soon came into his own. Come 2013 he really defined himself as an artist by dropping “My City.” Then once more in 2015 after collaborating with another local artist, K.T.B. From then on it was only picking up for CDaBoSS, North Carolina’s very own.

He has went from covering Drake songs to making true works of art. The emotion he brings to the table can be felt in his music. Now his current project “Views from the 336” is on such a different level, it speaks for itself. Any record label looking for a genuinely well rounded unique artist should look for further than Cody Wall. His time and effort shows through his work.

Those interested in hearing more from Cody Wall can check him out on Soundcloud.


Only 19-years-old from the small town of Mount Airy, NC Cody Wall has always had a strong passion for music. His music is all about emotion as he talks about events in his life and his personal views that allows other people to connect to him. His main thing is rap but he also does  R&B to put his signature twist on it.

Cody Wall



only 19 years old from the small town of mount airy, NC I always had a strong passion for music… ...Read More

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