Class Reunion

Class Reunion

Contact: Jonathan A. Demas
Phone: 773-226-3401
Email: [email protected]

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Class Reunion:
The Future of Rock-N-Roll music in America.


Their name pretty much sets the picture. Class Reunion: a true believer in and heartfelt passion of Rock-N-Roll Music…and destined to become one of it’s newly discovered genre’s greatest!

With many different musical influences, Class Reunion, hailing from Chicago, IL and Perth Amboy NJ, grew up enmeshed in Rock-N-Roll, Heavy Metal, Country and Pop music from the 1970’s through the 1980’s and then some…the music and the lifestyle. It’s a classic tale of 2 hot young talents learning their craft in the heart of rock and roll. Over the years, they both (JAD & Shaggy Docious) learned their music chops going back to when they meet at Roosevelt High in Chicago in 1983. Unfortunately fate had a different plan for JAD and Shaggy as it’s been illustrated in their song “Two Of A Kind.

In 1984 Shaggy (real name Mark L. Sánchez) left Roosevelt for other opportunities in life that he felt was important to him at the time. JAD (real name Jonathan A. Demas) stayed in school and lead of life normal jobs after college, marriage to his high-school sweetheart “Valerie and dabbled in music with a few bands along the way.

In 2007 the winds of change began to happen on a web site called “ Shaggy and JAD’s wife were both members of the web site, Shaggy was going through the alums and saw JAD’s wife’s name Val Demas in the listing. He sent here a message through the web site asking about JAD. In September of that year a meeting took place at a Martian’s gas station on the north side of Chicago and their friendship had seem as though they never separated, even after more than 20 years had gone by.

In May 2008 a jam session happened in JAD’s garage and another classmate from Roosevelt came in from Tennessee to play drums (Dave Chessman). They music was a mix of cover songs 1.e. “A Horse With No Name to some Beatles classics “And I Love Her and then JAD had began playing an original tune he shown both of his music mates before and with a little help from Shaggy “Just Diddlin’ was born! The song, an instrumental was written off of in 2007 in Guitar Center during the Christmas session. It was JAD’s love of Buddy Holly and the way he could play chords on the guitar with speed and style. “Just Diddlin’ was just that, playing or “Diddlin’ on the guitar! In fact during this jam session JAD was asking his too music pals “what about a name for us here? Names were thrown around and Shaggy came up with “Class Reunion based on the premises of our “origins. Class Reunion was born on that special day. Dave went back to Tennessee and has played offend with the band. The core of Class Reunion i.e. song writing, musical style and substance came from JAD and Shaggy.

In 2009 JAD and Shaggy purchase some recording equipment and “Class Records was born! Now having the ability to record whatever music they wanted Class Reunion began creating original and cover songs in the studio in JAD’s home. They created their 1st three albums in the 1st 4 mouths of the newly formed record label. Now, an album, a song is a labor of love in its creation from the writing process to the final recording.

In 2012 Class Reunion released to Itunes their 1st CD project called “MUSIC-NATION. It’s a collection of 18 songs recorded from 2009 through 2012. did an on-line review of Class Reunion’s new album.

The future of Rock-N-Roll is here. The name is Class Reunion. Don’t forget it!

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