Christian Love’s Illustrious Rock Odyssey “Sum Sum Summer” Finds New Audiences with John Stamos-Directed Music Video

Christian Love

Christian Love’s compelling music finds new direction with a stunning John Stamos-directed music video, premiering amidst a Disney+ Beach Boys Documentary

Los Angeles, CA — Christian Love’s musical journey is deeply rooted in a rich familial Beach Boys legacy yet distinctly marked by his personal artistic evolution. From his early days with his band, Alex’s Cane, to opening for major acts like Matchbox 20, Christian has cultivated a unique sound that resonates with both classic rock lovers and modern audiences.

Christian’s involvement with The Beach Boys since 2005 has allowed him to hone his skills further, performing iconic songs across global stages. In his latest project, Christian collaborates with John Stamos, who not only has a longstanding association with The Beach Boys but has also directed the music video for Sum Sum Summer.

Stamos, reflecting on his journey with Christian, remarks on his growth from a talented artist into a profound singer-songwriter whose new album Only Alibis showcases his versatility and depth. “Beyond being the son of a Beach Boys legend, Christian has painstakingly forged his own unique musical identity.” The album, which veers away from the traditional Beach Boys sound, incorporates modern elements that appeal to a broad audience, available for streaming across all major platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

The new release is complemented by a deluxe edition of the album, offering three additional tracks that expand on the themes and sounds of the main collection. As Christian Love continues to tour with The Beach Boys and prepare for solo performances, his music remains a testament to his enduring passion and evolving talent.

With each note and lyric, Christian Love not only honors his heritage but also paves the way for the future of rock music. The music video for Sum Sum Summer is poised to make a significant impact, coinciding with the release of a Disney+ documentary on The Beach Boys, enhancing the visibility of this release.

Notably, the video features appearances by Mike Love and boasts the talents of renowned musicians like Elliot Easton and Phil Jones, adding a layer of classic rock authenticity to its presentation. The video’s release, directed by Stamos, a figure deeply embedded in The Beach Boys’ lore, adds a personal touch that is both profound and celebratory of Christian’s evolving artistry.

As Stamos aptly notes, “Over the course of three decades, I’ve had the incredible privilege of witnessing Christian’s evolution into an exceptional singer-songwriter and performer. I had the honor of directing this music video. I couldn’t be prouder of Christian Love and the extraordinary musical journey he has embarked upon.”

As Only Alibis makes waves, fans old and new are invited to explore Christian Love’s magnetizing music, ensuring that his melodious craft continues to resonate well into the future.

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Christian Love, a seasoned rock artist and the progeny of Mike Love, a founding member of The Beach Boys, is charting his own course in the music world. With his latest single, Sum Sum Summer, directed by John Stamos and featured in his new album Only Alibis, Christian is setting a new benchmark in the rock genre.

The music video, which showcases contributions from notable musicians such as The Cars’ Elliot Easton and Tom Petty’s drummer Phil Jones, was released on May 23, 2024, aligning with a highly anticipated Disney+ documentary about The Beach Boys. This video features at its climax, a heartfelt performance with Mike Love, bridging past and present in a melodious tribute. This collaboration not only highlights his vocal prowess but also his ability to connect deeply with his musical roots while infusing contemporary elements, solidifying his position in modern rock music.


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