Chadi Introduces a New Sound To Hip-Hop!

Contact: ReChad Bradley
Phone: 217-816-4322
Email: [email protected]

SPRINGFIELD, IL – When life happens, Chadi keeps hustlin! Armed with over two decades of experience and a lifetime of musical inspiration, Springfield, Illinois’ Chadi is here to leave his permanent mark on the independent R&B and hip hop scene. A solo artist turned producer, he is setting out to churn up some of the most captivating beats while providing a steamy soundtrack for fiery Friday nights and rainy blue Sundays.

Growing up and collaborating with his brother Bobby Bankroll, Chadi started sharpening his razor sharp skills back in 1991, spending years developing a catalog of original music and lyrics. The pair released an album together in 2001, with Chadi taking the producer helm for Bankroll’s double album Real Recognize Real in 2006.

After helping his brother make his debut, the world was finally ready for him to unleash his solo full length, and All That I Am… hit stores in 2010. Loaded with 16 tracks of tightly-produced hip hop and R&B, the album oozes charm and musical sensibility, inspired by legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Heavy D and Nas. The songs focus on the ins and outs of love and relationships, ebbing and flowing with different emotions and thoughts, giving the record a relatable, personal window into the mind and heart of Chadi.

Centered on a foundation of true musical skill, Chadi’s songs possess a commitment to quality and originality, giving him a clear cut leg up on other independent hip hop or R&B artists. Now hoping to make the natural transition from solo artist to superstar producer this full-time teacher and coach is dedicating all of his spare energy into crafting original beats for fellow artists throughout the Illinois area and beyond.

Drawing his influences from a versatile laundry list of musical icons including Isaac Hayes, Luther Vandross, LL Cool J, Boyz II Men and more, each of his creations is more exciting than next. From hip hop and R&B fanatics to aspiring artists, everyone can find something addicting and inspiring from Chadi.

Chadi’s full length album All That I Am… and Bobby Bankroll’s Real Recognize Real are both currently available through iTunes and more details about purchasing original instrumental tracks can be found on his official website. Check out streaming audio on and stay up to date on all of the latest news with his official Facebook or on Twitter @ChadiMC.

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