Captivating Psychedelic Journey Unveiled in New Single “Indica 3 Kites”


Reading, Pa —Today marks the release of a mesmerizing musical voyage as STAINEDEGOS drops their latest single, “Indica 3 Kites.” Infused with a psychedelic retro vibe seamlessly blended with modern elements, this track promises to transport listeners to a realm of heightened senses and emotional exploration.

“Indica 3 Kites” weaves a sonic tapestry that pays homage to the psychedelic sounds of the past while embracing the contemporary musical landscape. The artist’s unique vision comes to life through intricate instrumentals, ethereal melodies, and a production that pushes boundaries.

Listeners can expect an immersive experience as the song unfolds, inviting them to embark on a journey through layers of sound that evoke a range of emotions. The title, “Indica 3 Kites,” hints at the trippy and dreamlike nature of the track, promising an escape from the ordinary into a world where music becomes a portal to heightened sensations.

Dave Starke of STAINEDEGOS is excited to share this musical creation with the world, confident that “Indica 3 Kites” will resonate with fans of psychedelic and retro music, as well as those seeking a fresh and up-to-date sonic experience.

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, and STAINEDEGOS invites music enthusiasts to join them on this sonic adventure.

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Stainedegos music consists of some of the most amazing songwriting and composition talent. David Starke is the driving force behind the musical journey, with his melodic memorable hooks, and poetic play on words. He is a self-taught musician, songwriter, and composer with a catalog of over one thousand stories in song. While many are recorded, some have been archived for future projects. It is a multi-influenced sound. The signature sound of Stainedegos.

Starke’s own personal musical expression of his inner dialogue, his art, his thoughts, his feelings. All blended together with life experiences, to produce the final result of his “stained ego.” Under the tutelage of his mentor and lifelong friend Bennie Sims (A world renowned bass player, teacher producer, and writer, owner of Boom Camp Studios), Starke has honed his writing, production, arrangement, and composition skills, as well as musicianship.

Starke grew up influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, U2, and many R&B Motown artists such as The Commodores. Starke’s father, retired from the music scene, but helped influence and solidify the path he would take artistically. The goal of Stainedegos is to touch the world with light from within, through the projection of Starke’s words and music, which he channels from the universe. He wants to make the world a bit happier and more aware of universal love through harmonies.

In 2017, Starke worked on a new project with legendary producer, Jack Douglas, and the talented Warren Huart, at Spit Fire Studios in Hollywood, California. Most recently, Starke teamed up with industry icon, Robert Cutarella, to produce his latest works.


Name: Starke Music Group LLC
Address: 105 w huller ln, Reading, Pa



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