Canary Kaine


Naples Manor, Florida – Canary Kaine is a very talented unique sounding artist out of Southwest Florida. His sound caters mainly to the women seeing that most of his fan base includes the ladies. Growing up he always had a strong connection with music starting his music career at 15 as a Producer. At first Canary was more into poetry than being a vocalist until he found out that people like how he sounds on the microphone after doing a song with his brother and friend who had already been doing music. He had a ruff coming up in his teenage years he was barley in school and was searching for guidance mainly because he had no father coming up but he eventually started to find himself in the world and incorporated his life story into his music his Facebook literally is a script of his music career in perfect order giving his fans a chance to witness his growth as an artist.

Canary Kaine has broken down the basics to creating likable music no matter what and is quickly snatching and grasping a fan base that is growing with every song getting different and unique listeners. He likes to say it’s because he just actually really knows what he’s doing its no fluke or luck it’s pure hard work in perfecting my craft which took years of a variety of music listening Old school all the way to New School.  So go check Canary Kaine out on Facebook

Contact: Khiry Stockner
Phone: 941 536 3738

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