Bubbling Texas Artist “Jay Fam” Is the Ideal Embodiment of Today’s Hip Hop Sound


Dallas, Texas — January 25, 2017 — Bubbling Texas artist “Jay Fam” is beginning to create quite the stir. He is the perfect embodiment of today’s sound often caught joyously shrieking throughout his own background in a voice reminiscent of Elmo from Sesame Street. He, however, cannot be classed as a “mumble rapper”. His trademark sound accompanied by his carefully crafted bars and ability to maneuver through supposed “lanes” or music genres by utilizing an array of vocal styles is setting him apart from his fellow upcoming artists.

Jay Fam is a Dallas native whom we have trouble calling a rapper. He has successfully experimented with various sounds and has a very diverse beat selection, but an even more diverse vocal range. While most popular for his “Helium induced” vocal style he is also known to be quite a lyricist with a wide arsenal of flows and rhyme patterns, This, however, is not the close of his musical prowess. He has often recorded in a melodic vulnerable croon sometimes even being able to carve out notes not easily reached by some of today’s r&b singers.

Jay Fam’s music was first popularized in his hometown of Dallas, Tx. This was done by releasing a slew of videos with the much-accredited director IMakeMoviezTimP. Jay Fam’s growing Youtube, and Soundcloud popularity and constant involvement in the Dallas party scene soon allowed his music to grow beyond local influence. Though unsigned he has recently been developing his sound with DirtyGloveBastard’s very own Dj Bubba and together they have released a fun, animated, yet crafty, and tasteful album/mixtape that is sure to capture and keep your attention the entire length of it. The Project entitled I Gotta Find Jay Servin is available for Download on all of your favorite mixtape and music streaming sites.

An aspiring young Dallas artist from the southern DFW area who releases an array of music falling under categories and taking influences from genres such as hip-hop as well as its subcategories, rock, r&b, and pop by having a very diverse beat selection and an even more diverse vocal range he has proven his music ability over and over again. He has released a number of videos with the much-accredited videographer IMakeMovieztimP that have buzzed well beyond local influence. He is currently working with Dj Bubba of DirtyGloveBastards to develop his new sound(s) and there should be much coming from the duo in the immediate future. Affiliated with F.A.M records, Justsayent, and Familia all of which are prominent Dallas movements. Be sure to Download I Gotta Find Jay Servin on your favorite streaming or mixtape site. Available everywhere!

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Jay Fam
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