Brittany Nicole Delivers A ‘Breakthrough’ Performance On Debut 

New R&B Album Out Now 

Riverside, California – June 11, 2020 – Giving a performance void of all distractions many modern artists use today, Brittany Nicole brings forth an R&B record that delivers pure vocals and classic compositions on her debut ‘Breakthrough.’

With a baker’s dozen worth of tracks on ‘Breakthrough,’ there is truly something for everyone as she gives audiences everything from ‘80s throwback soulful pop to classic R&B that you miss from the ‘90s all while being as fresh as today’s hitmakers. ‘Breakthrough’ would not be what it is though without songwriter and producer Carlos Guillen by Brittany Nicole’s side. As the producer, he approached the album’s production with a need to add contemporary touches. The album opens with “Girls Night Out.” The intro instantly puts images of Sheila E. in your head and as soon as Brittany Nicole comes in with her pristine vocals, it’s brought into the here and now. It’s destined to be a Bachelorette Party Playlist favorite for years to come. While that song has joyous energy, Brittany proves she has more in her back pocket as the record continues and songs like “Never Satisfied” and “Not Enough” takes us to a place where R&B reigns supreme. 

“This album means a lot being the fact it’s my first original album. I’ve accomplished a big goal in my singing career by having this done. Although I didn’t write the songs, I could still relate to them at different points in my life. It’s been a great experience for me doing this for the first time and I look forward to continuing my dream.” – Brittany Nicole 

Brittany Nicole grew up admiring the late, great Tejano singer Selena. Inspired by her as well as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, she started to sing anywhere she could. That meant from church to car shows to even neighborhood events. All the while she learned how to command attention with not only her voice but her stage presence. That led to her performing around Fresno, CA with various local bands, including her current band, Classic All-Stars. Today, Brittany Nicole is signed to Round 2 Music out of Riverside, CA, and looks forward to getting back on stage as soon as live music can continue in 2020. 

For now, she’s focused on people hearing her debut, ‘Breakthrough,’ out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Those interested in adding new R&B to their playlists, reviewing ‘Breakthrough,’ or interviewing Brittany Nicole on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Brittany Nicole is proud to present her debut, 2020’s ‘Breakthrough,’ a beautiful R&B that delivers pop with a soulful twist. 

Brittany Nicole
Monibee Henley; Manager

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