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Castro Valley, California – April 14, 2017 – Brian Hiner is a multi-instrumentalist who handles everything when it comes to his rock sound. Having had success with his band Dallas, he’s branching out on his own with his latest single, “Rock It Tonight.”

Heavy beats surround Brian Hiner’s powerful pipes as the fresh production matched with his impeccable songwriting come together in a nicely wrapped package that is “Rock It Tonight.” The man behind the song notes that it could and should be considered a soundtrack to life. He stands out from the likes of heavy hitters like Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon because he creates that rock sound with his own two hands, no one else.

“Rock It Tonight” celebrates the exuberance for life, love, music, women, trucks, water and the coastal mountains of the Bay Area. This is where classic rock ‘n’ roll meets refined grunge, a true compendium of throwback rock ‘n’ roll coupled with 80’s & 90’s elements. Hiner has created a sound that evokes the freedom and exuberance of Sun-era rock ‘n’ roll, with soaring vocal expressions reminiscent of Roy Orbison, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and other powerful male singers.

In the past he’s worked with others, like his band Dallas. With Dallas he produced “Bring The Light.” It is the song that allowed them to land on the “Lamont and Tonelli Show” on 107.7 The Bone in San Francisco, and also on MTV’s Underemployed when the song was featured on the series. Dallas also has a couple of songs (“This Love” and “When We Touch”) that will debut in the upcoming movie Above Suspicion, due on in 2017.

While that is something to look forward to, Brian Hiner is currently focusing on “Rock It Tonight,” which is available for adds on playlists, as well as reviews. Brian is also interested in doing interviews as well. Those interested in adding, reviewing or interviewing can get in touch via the information below.


Brian Hiner is a rock artist from California with a new single, “Rock It Tonight.”

Brian Hiner

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