Breallant releases The Green Album

Breallant releases The Green Album

Contact: Kenneth Williams
Phone: 281-772-6353
Email: [email protected]

Alphalion Entertainment
4103 Teal Valley Ct.
Fresno, Texas 77545

This isn’t the “Green Al Gore is Talking About!

“Buzz traveling like Shaq with no pivot middle finger is giving it any hating critic. -Alejon

Breallant (pronounced Brilliant) is the mad scientist behind the production of The Green Album. This album features an extraordinary cast of talented artist such as Alejon (pronounced A-Legend) and Darrius Lassien (aka L.I.L D) along with Breallant’s beats it makes a perfect combination of grooving beats and lyrical swag that can contribute to an already successful genre of Hip Hop Music following behind produces such as Pharrell, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre. This is not only exposure for his home town of Houston, Texas or Southern Hip-Hop but across the globe. The Green Album is where we are going in Hip-Hop with the help of where we came from. Release on June 5, 2012.

When you think of “Green you think of a new way of life. This is not energy efficient but it should be separated like plastic, paper, Styrofoam and glass. This is no form of waste being recycled but it is a new way of life when you listen to Hip Hop Music. “The Green Album should be separate from its counter-parts because of its rhythmic beats and crisp delivery. Even though it stands alone it still has the same elements of bragging, witty, and slick talking MC’s forming metaphors from out of the Houston humid weather. This is for the people who appreciate Hip Hop to its purest form.

Following behind successful producers such as Pharrell, Kanye, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre Alphalion Entertainment’s “The Green Album is not the “Green Al Gore is talking about. Breallant’s beats are calculated productions that connect the traditional Southern Hip Hop rap tunes with new age lyrical content that will bridge the gap and fill the void of Hip Hop. This album features and extraordinary cast of talented artist such as Alejon and Darrius Lassien who also bring their own scene of swagger. This is for Hip Hop heads not only from the South but across the globe. Released to the public on June 5, 2012 it surly will impress producers, listeners and critics alike. Alphalion Entertainment and its featured artist are finding followers online and at local colleges in and around Houston that appreciate their music intellect and savvy beats and lyrics.

4103 Teal Valley Ct. Fresno, TX 77545 |

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