Bold, Fierce, and Empowering- Andrea Delgado Inspires with New Rock Single “Save Me”

Andrea Delgado

A survivor of domestic violence and loss, Andrea Delgado channels her PTSD into a symphony that all survivors can resonate with

Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica — July 24th, 2022 — Standing strong in the face of adversity, Andrea Delgado is an unparalleled up-and-coming actor in the Rock world. Having faced a heart-rending number of challenges in life, including grappling with PTSD that comes with the traumatizing and excruciating experience of domestic violence and sexual abuse, Delgado continues to persevere.

Her awe-inspiring, resonant, and powerful debut single titled “Save Me” chronicles the vast array of emotions that she has undergone, while fighting through all odds. A self-published singer-songwriter, Andrea Delgado hopes her new music will become a relatable channel of expression for all those rendered voiceless in today’s world.

The fierce new single pays tribute to every survivor’s bold and unrelenting resolve and will be followed up by an upcoming music video as well. The video for “Save Me” is set to drop on YouTube on July 22nd, 2022, at 10 am CST.

“My biggest dream is being on a big stage or stadium sharing my music with the world, connecting with all those people who has gone through tremendous trauma…to let them know they´re not alone and that they can get out of the dark situations,” comments Andrea on her musical aspirations.

A talented artist, Andrea Delgado and her musical journey portray years of diligence, hard work, and indomitable spirit. In achieving her dreams, Andrea has had to work double shifts and work overtime to provide for her family, alongside the support of her wonderful friends.

Getting back into the music world after facing several hurdles, she is psyched to work and deliver with a contemporary professional producer, who not only understands her sound but also the intricate ways her personal journey has influenced her music.

Stream Andrea Delgado’s new single, “Save Me” on Spotify, YouTube, and other official music platforms! Follow the artist on her social media to explore her musical journey and stay abreast with new releases!




A budding, self-published singer, songwriter, and artist, Andrea Delgado has crafted a breakthrough career in Rock, launched by her very own savings. She was born and raised in Costa Rica and started singing in public only when she was 7 years old. This was followed by writing her own songs by the age 18.

“Save Me” is her very first single after resuming her musical career following a few setbacks with production and personal issues. The new track is centered around the experience of hitting rock bottom after trauma and realizing how much it changes you, embracing the new you and becoming your own warrior. Inspired by her own personal experiences, the new track is rooted in Andrea Delgado’s struggle with PTSD, surviving domestic violence, sexual abuse, and loss.


Andrea Delgado
Name: Andrea Delgado
Address: 50 Norte y 25 oeste de la soda El Semaforo. Portón rojo a mano derecha, Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica
Phone: +50687010775



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