Blueshift! Back in the Studio!


Contact: Jared O’Connell
Phone: 707 217-2285

SANTA ROSA , CA – Blueshift is back in the studio recording their second album ***The Taste. They are excited to announce that a cut on this album, Wounded man will feature a collaboration with their favorite hip hop artist Blackalicious emcee Gift of Gab. The first 4 tracks are laid down and 5 more are scratched out. This release will have about ten tracks. But a third album is already being developed. Jared O’Connell and Waylon Nicholson Blueshift’s songwriters can’t record fast enough to keep up with the music they write. Blueshift’s debut album “Dirty Machine was a whopping 15 tracks. Once they got started they just couldn’t stop.
Jared says: It comes in waves. The more I play guitar, the more I come up with riffs and melodies, and lyrics usually flow from there. Occasionally I get lyrics in my head first and build progressions around that. Anything that excites me, will get me started. I find myself in a place of great stress where I almost have no choice but to write down a torrent of words as a way to release.
Recording took a short break for drummer Anthony Garcia’s month long Australian walkabout. But now Blueshift is hard at work recording again. And dreaming about an Australian tour.
Blueshift is an alternative rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their unmistakable sound blends grungy rock with hip-hop, soul, and funk. Blueshift’s consistently superb and innovative songwriting transcends the barriers of age and genre, making them a force to be reckoned with in the underground music scene.
Blueshift was formed by childhood friends Jared O’Connell and Waylon Nicholson. They grew up together on the Russian River in Sonoma County California, and started playing guitar together when they were 11 years old. Jared’s songwriting is sophisticated, featuring pleasing, edgy vocals, melodic guitar work, and insightful lyrics. Waylon’s remarkable guitar style is original and intricate, and his songwriting is sincere. Bass virtuoso Alex Izzarelli writes complex bass lines played on his homemade bass. Drummer Anthony Garcia lays down hard hitting, funky beats. They are practiced musicians who, after playing together for more than 6 years, perform comfortably on stage, easily engaging the audience, improvising, and putting on a great show.
ReverbNation currently lists Blueshift as the #1 alternative band in the San Francisco North Bay and in the top 100 in the nation. Their debut album was co-produced by Corky Laing, drummer and songwriter for 70’s super group, Mountain. Pandora Radio launched a Blueshift Channel in early 2011. Blueshift has appeared on SF Bay Area television and radio stations, and currently gets airplay on local radio stations and internet radio Spotify, MOG, and Rdio. Blueshift’s newest single “Boutique” has been selected for airplay on Campus Radio in the US and several nations across the world! Blueshift’s debut album, Dirty Machine, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and local music stores. Their second album, featuring Gift Of Gab, is in production. They have a wealth of material and more albums on the way.
Blueshift’s music video for their first release, “Yesmen, has received notoriety for its originality and humor, and has been selected to receive ad revenue from Youtube. Blueshift has performed extensively in the Bay Area, and is planning a West Coast tour.