Baton Rouge’s Next Runner Up Artist


Contact: Jacobie Haynes
Phone: 225-302-247

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA – A new raising artist all the way from Baton Rouge,LA “Jacobie Haynes”. Who stage name is “Main Attraction” and has a dream to one day be heard and liked by millions of people. He have dreams on becoming the next hottest rapper & also r&b singer people would love to hear and see all around the world “and not just his hometown”, he addressed.

This young artist started rapping and really took pride in doing so at a very young age (12). After all these years he’s finally gotten the recognition he needs and well deserve.

After being featured in the artist spotlight he feels his career is moving forward just as he dreamed it would be. His means of making it is to never give up hope and believe in his self no matter what obstacles he may run into up in the music industry.

” I waited on this moment for a very long time. I’ve reached a spot to where I have to keep pushing and pushing until its no more room left to push. I wanna be everybody’s favorite artist (lol)including the celebrities who has already made a name and got a spot for themselves”, words from Baton Rouge’s Next Runner Up Artist “Main Attraction”.