BALENS KLEREDE’s Incredible New Album, ‘SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES’ Coming 12/22/2023

Balens Klerede

Los Angeles, CA —In the kaleidoscopic realm of contemporary music, BALENS KLEREDE, the visionary rapper and poet, announces the release of his highly anticipated second project, “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES,” set to captivate listeners on December 22, 2023, across all major music streaming platforms.

Independently crafted, this 10-track album is a groundbreaking fusion of HIP HOP, Rock, Funk, and Blues, enriched with potent spoken word poetry. Produced in collaboration with the talented Marty Rogers, DJ S.O.U.L.-O, and the artist himself, “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES” is not just an album; it’s a transformative journey into the depths of spiritual introspection, mental evolution, and societal contemplation.

The project delves into the shadows and silhouettes that shape our existence, unraveling the internal battle between one’s lower and higher self. BALENS KLEREDE takes the reins, steering the narrative with his profound lyricism, thought-provoking hooks, and meticulously crafted rhythms that defy the conventions of contemporary hip-hop.

Marty Rogers, the masterful drummer, and lead/bass guitar virtuoso from Tennessee, contributes a rich tapestry of funk and hard rock instrumentation. Paired with DJ S.O.U.L.-O’s skillful drum patterns and effects, the result is a unique and hard-hitting piece of sonic artistry, unlike anything currently resonating in the hip-hop/rap landscape.

As BALENS KLEREDE gears up to unleash “SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES,” the goal is clear – to evoke excitement, stir emotions, and inspire growth and contemplation among listeners. This is not just an album; it’s a sonic manifesto for those on the path of mental and spiritual elevation.

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“SHADOWS VERSES SILOUETTES” will be available on December 22, 2023, transcending the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop and inviting all seekers of elevated consciousness to join the journey.

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In the pulse of South-Central LA, where the beats of authenticity echo through the streets, emerges the lyrical maestro, the virtuoso of rhyme – BALENS KLEREDE (pronounced balance clarity). Formerly known as the enigmatic STRAINJ, this seasoned wordsmith isn’t just a rapper; he’s a poet, a storyteller, and a musical alchemist crafting an unparalleled blend of truth and enlightenment in the world of Hip-Hop.

With roots deeply embedded in the fierce battle rap scenes of the 80s and 90s, BALENS KLEREDE’s journey is a dynamic odyssey through the heart and soul of the genre. The early moniker “MC Slayer” marked his dominion over battle rap arenas, even sharing stages with legends like Kurupt. Evolving into STRAINJ, he embarked on a diverse path, collaborating with Afroman and touring over 40 states, leaving a trail of explicit yet comedic tracks that resonated with audiences far and wide.

Yet, BALENS KLEREDE’s narrative is not confined to the boundaries of rap. He’s a poet, a self-publisher of ‘Listen With Your Eyes’, the poet tree of Strainj,’ and a captivating force in spoken word poetry events. At 53, he’s not just following his passion; he’s reshaping it, pushing boundaries, and challenging the very fabric of rap music.

In the crucible of Compton, BALENS KLEREDE’s fate intertwined with Laneway records president and CEO, BIG CHUBB’S and Black Tone, leading to unreleased sessions with the likes of Sugafree. His unique style, explicit yet comedic, found its place in the industry, featuring in albums alongside Sugafree, Deadly Threat and the LA ZU, and Afroman. The release of “The Science of Klerede,” his collaboration with producer Ol’ Man Science, heralds a transformative era in rap music. Intricate beats meet conscious lyricism, challenging norms, and sparking introspection.

Inspired by the authenticity of Curtis Mayfield, the power of Public Enemy, and the fearlessness of Prince, BALENS KLEREDE stands as a unique voice in the cacophony of contemporary music. His politically charged verses address racism, classism, and political corruption, embodying a commitment to social change.

As BALENS KLEREDE prepares to drop his new album ‘Shadows versus Silhouettes’ on December 22, 2023, his vision extends beyond mere musical success. At its core, his long-term goal is to become a ‘superhero’ in Hip-Hop, wielding his art as a beacon of hope and positive messages in a world often overshadowed by negativity.

Born and raised in the vibrance of South Los Angeles, BALENS KLEREDE’s influences span from the timeless rhythms of Earth, Wind, and Fire to the lyrical prowess of Rakim and the socio-political fervor of Public Enemy. His music is more than notes and beats; it’s therapy, meditation, and passion, an introspective journey that serves both as a personal manifesto and an inspiration for listeners to learn, grow, and embrace the transformative power of art.



Balens Klerede
Phone: +2133971072



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