Autumn Allen single Beautiful Scar music video is catching a lot of attention world wide! Watch it and find out why…


Los Angeles, California — February 12, 2018 — Beautiful Scar is a music video about how an emotional scar can turn out to be beautiful. The music video opens with Autumn Allen being in an emotional pain walking through the street of Los Angeles and ends with Autumn Allen on top of Angeles Mountain after the scar has healed.

Autumn Allen is a vocalist from Los Angeles, California. She began her career when she was eight years old while she was living abroad in Southeast Asia. She first showcased her talents during an open mic event at an international beach bar.

Afterward, she posted her singing covers on YouTube and started to gain an international following. Soon she was approached by a television network in Asia to perform on a popular international talent show, “Like It or Not”. On her debut show, she performed live in multiple languages and gain a very strong following. Currently, she is touring Asia and will be making her way to Europe afterward

Autumn Allen just recently released her first single “Beautiful Scar” accompanied with a music video

You can purchase Beautiful Scar on iTunes:


Autumn Allen
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Autumn Allen is a vocalist from Orange County, California. She began her career when she was eight years old while… ...Read More

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