Artist Overcomes Social and Mental Problems and Somehow Becomes a Good Singer and Makes a Song for the Ages


Middle of Nowehere, VA — September 17, 2017 — Rayhan is a music artist that has gone througha and goes through a lot, yet somehow has become a good singer (he was said to be tone deaf by his vocal coach Fawn in Los Angeles when he started singing 4 years ago!), and made made a song for the ages.. Rayhan is a great talent it it would be a damn shame to our species if we are unable to find beauty in his song as there are so many amazing beautiful instrumentals and melodies in this song. Let us broadcast this every place we can in order to inspire others to be the best they can be no matter what their struggles and to spread this amazing peace of music. This is a classic for the ages

The concept is so simple…….Late Night Love. The reason how our great species has been able to go on. One of the most beautiful and amazing fruits, mammals have had the pleasure of discovering..
Maybe it’s the vocals that seem to be sung from his soul which will appeal to you. Maybe it’s all the different beautiful intricacies and variations in the instrumentals. Maybe it’s the different lullabuyesque and memorable melodies throughout the song. Perhaps your mind will make a full circle back to…..the universal concept of….. Late Night Love….

It wasn’t that long ago when Rayhan had anxiety and depression as well as social problems before that which used to impede his thinking and hold him back. From Rayhan himself “ “Here’s a track that is just right to play as I tell this brief story (as he smiles and looks towards the ground with the slightest chuckle perhaps when reminiscing of the past)… I always have been told my all types of people that I meet have met that I am very special, creative, and brilliant, and that despite my problems currently, they are sure I will shine one day. I believed them.. Naturally I got into music as I have always said to have a great taste in music and have loved music. Then after some years of coaching and practice down the road, I released Late Night Love. I feel it should get a lot more attention than it has though and I will try my best for it to get that despite my lack of time and other challenges I face every day. I will do as Fetty Wap did with Trap Queen and as he said: his talent wouldn’t have been known to the world and his music not shared had he not worked his tail off spreading it. I have taken the identity of that fighting mammal in the world trying to do right and going as far as my potential deserves”

Two weeks ago Rayhan lost his best friend Ishan Chehtri to a suicide as a shocking surprise. He is currently dedicating his if to be success to the beautiful souls he has lost in his life including his first cousin to once again sadly a suicide, grandmother to natural causes, and uncle to murder when he was younger in Pakistan.. His best friend and him had plans if Rayhan were to “make it” and Rayhan would like to dedicate his possible “next big success to be” to him and “feel the success while looking up and feeling his presence.” Not going to lie, I just got emotional writing this.

From my brief interaction with him and listening to the song maybe 15 times in the last 24 hours!, I love the artist, his story, and the song. May we retain this artist and song in our memories at a time where songs flitter in and out. Let us spread the simple, universal, and beautiful concept of “Late Night Love” across the land!

You can check out the track right here!: . From there you can post and share the song as well as add Rayhan on your different social media platforms as well as buy the single on iTunes or add it on your streaming service of choice.


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