Arqualius “Young Quay” Stevenson


Contact: Young Quay
Phone: 8709140982

MAGNOLIA, ARKANSAS – In this present day in age, rappers overuse phrases such as “We’re going to war or “I’m a soldier. Arqualius “Young Quay” Stevenson really is a Veteran of the United States Army. The southern bred rap artist from the streets of Magnolia, Arkansas is bringing a fresh vibe to today’s hip hop swag. “Every fan wants an artist whom they can relate to, someone who’s been around; and I’m that artist., states Young Quay. Being surrounded by a mixture of cultures in the military, he is definitely qualified to address a variety of real life issues. The experiences that came from meeting individuals all across the world has contributed to his lyrical creativity.

In 1997, Young Quay began rapping and later in 2005 he became a member of the “Dirt Road Click” (D.R.C) which included some of his hometown friends.At the beginning of his musical career, Young Quay found himself focusing on trouble whether than pursuing his career in music. He quickly realized that he needed to make a change in his life to become a more productive man in society so he made a drastic life changing decision in May of 1999, he joined the United States Army. Young Quay dedicated his life to serve his country. He has served in Bosnia; fought in Baghdad, Iraq; served as a Boarder Patrol Agent in Las Cruses, New Mexico; and assisted with helping the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. For 9 years one would have thought that Young Quay would come home and rest, but he was far from done.
> In November of 2008, Level 1 Records released and promoted Young Quay’s first official single “Do Ya Thang. The song received heavy club and radio play in Texarkana, Tyler, El Paso, Killeen, Odessa, and Little Rock, Arkansas. The momentum has carried over into 2009. Along with appearing on the smash single by Casper & Blaccout “Hit The Dorthy, he produced the track with Whodie Slim Onda Beat. Young Quay’s second single, “Gone Do It is already burning up the internet, clubs, and radio. To increase the exposure, he is customizing personalized versions for D.J.s’ and his fans with their name in all three verses of the hit single.
> Young Quay has already headlined major events and has also opened up for popular R&B and Hip Hop artists such as R. Kelly, Slim Thug, Trae, Z-Ro, The Eastside Boys, Supastar, Party Boyz, TumTum, DJ Michael “5000” Watts, Damn D, and Lil Keke. His past performances, plus consistant club and radio play, has definitely increased his fan base.
> “My drive and determination is motivated by my family,” says Young Quay. Now leaping into 2011, his brand new street single titled “Campbell Soup” has opened doors with record labels, promotional companies, and clubs owners.