New ‘Single’ From Controversial New Band: AQUA SECA

Wipped Cream Promo Image

May 6, 2019 – “This new song (Whipped Cream) really wasn’t meant to be that controversial, but I guess if some people think that, that is fine, I know what it really is about” – Trent Hankinson, frontman of Aqua Seca.

This is the bands’ second single with more to come later this year as they gear up for their debut album. However, their latest release, “Whipped Cream” has been sturring up some controversy from those that have gotton the chance to hear the song and see the unofficial edit from their new music video for the song.

“From what I can tell, the new music video appears to feature this russian model that Trent knows, all that I can say is that it just doesn’t seem right to be featuring a woman in such a way, you know… becuase she is covered only in whipped cream in the video. Not to mention it just seems overly sexual in a way that I am not sure is entirely appropriate” – Rob Farmer, Orange County Resident and fan of the band. When asked for further comment Rob continued that, “I would like to think that I am fairly close with the band, I do not know them personally, but from time to time I am able to see what new material they are working on. I would just hate for them to screw up something so early in the game.”

The band is not too worried however, with Trent commenting, “Sure we dressed a girl up in whipped cream, big deal, better than anything Miley Cyrus has ever done, as far as how extreme things can be. … One sec, just let me grab my wrecking ball”.

Whipped Cream will be debuting on May 10th. Here is the secret link to listen to the song before the debut:

If you would like access to the music video before the debut, please email Trent at: [email protected]

Trent Hankinson
[email protected]

Official Site:


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