Andrew Ryan Oliver Breaks Out on His Own and Finds a Sense of Self

Andrew Ryan Oliver Breaks Out on His Own and Finds a Sense of Self

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Southern California Singer/Musician Plans on New Music in 2016


Redondo Beach, California – May 2, 2016 – Andrew Ryan Oliver spent most of his years as a musician playing drums in bands, but he soon realized he wanted something more. So two decades after he got into music, he branched out on his own and decided that it was important to start utilizing his own voice. With that he recorded Time, and is now continuing on with his solo career by working on new music he hopes to release by the fall.  On the other side he is as well pursuing a doctor degree in Ayurveda medicine.

Oliver shares wisdom from Ayurveda that “We need to turn our focus inward before we turn it outward and onward. Know thyself!” He expresses this within his writing, and knows this by acquiring life science, studying the knowledge of life, Ayurveda, which allows him to clear his thoughts and start fresh every day. It frees his mind and embraces his spirit as he continues to write. He also says ”If we forget our true nature as spirit, we then only understand ourselves as body and mind, and become encased within the nature of the material world and all of its stories and dramas.  So expand ones consciousness and do not become dominated by the ego.” While likely to incorporate this knowledge in the sequel album, which will involve more musicians and instruments, it will allow an elaboration on the diversity of sound and yet a complex similarity of the souls of musicians.

With a background in indie rock and a current unblemished state of awareness, Oliver has landed on a sound that fits well into the singer-songwriter genre formulated with indie folk that fans of past and present artists from Simon and Garfunkel to Ray Lamontagne would enjoy. Oliver mentions that as soon as he delivers round two of his music, he will be looking to get out on the road and tour the states, so keep a keen eye out.

Those interested in Andrew Ryan Oliver can check him out online to keep up to date about his music and whereabouts.

Andrew Ryan Oliver is a singer-songwriter from Southern California who is exploring an inner realm while he continues to write and work on his up and coming sophomore album.

Andrew Ryan Oliver
1431 1/2 W 219th St
Torrance CA, 90501
(310) 803-7696
[email protected]


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