Andrew Farmer Brings Jazz Alive on ‘Redacted Passages’


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Lansing, Michigan – September 18, 2018 – Andrew Farmer has spent years perfecting his craft as a classically trained jazz musician. A violinist, songwriter, and composer, he put his talents to the test with his debut, Redacted Passages, and passed with flying colors.

Redacted Passages is Andrew Farmer’s debut album that features the beautiful marriage of jazz and pop across the board. Songs like “Said Goodbye to Summer,” “House of Ghosts,” and “Lost Memory Set In Stone” bring forth the skillful ways Farmer paints audible landscapes throughout.

“This is a music of seasons past, what’s been gained through loss. It’s sharp and smart and sad. What’s left out of Redacted Passages always remains a mystery, but we’re left to focus on what we find,” says Vinyl Side of Midnight’s Mike Stratton. Make sure to check out the album City Pulse called “…a refreshing change of pace…”

Redacted Passages is available now on iTunes and Amazon. Those interested in reviewing the album, featuring the music on their playlists, or interviewing Andrew Farmer can reach out via the information provided below.


Andrew Farmer’s debut, Redacted Passages, is a jazz-pop blend available now.

Andrew Farmer

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