An Unprecedented and Original New Take on Pop- Real Musician ‘Bass God Pantheon Beatz’ Releases Refreshing Real Music

Bass God Pantheon Beatz

Exhibiting the originality, nuance, and uniqueness of an artist who refuses to fit in, Bass God Pantheon Beatz’ new single bends all boundaries

Seattle, Washington — Underscored by enigmatic industrial, experimental, and new age rhythms, Bass God Pantheon Beatz’ music is truly one of a kind. Revitalizing the Pop world with his distinctive use of bass and drumming, the eclectic artist features an originality which has been scarce in the genre.

Free from loops, samples, triggers or Overdubs, the artist’s new single, “Test Tube Baby” is a welcome inventive and experimental single. An artist who is unafraid of taking risks, Bass God Pantheon Beatz’s new work features tracks that were recorded and performed live in one take.

With captivating compositions which are essentially bass distortion that has been cleverly maneuvered to sound musical, Bass God is making strides in the industry. His last record dropped for audiences on November 11th, 2022, and his new single- “Test Tube Baby” is a depiction of a trippy, spacey mix which is ‘chalked with primal spirituality’.

An electric and gripping experience, the artist’s new tracks highlight his unparalleled approach towards drums, employing the distinct ‘open foot technique.’ Moving forward, he plans to create more ‘social music,’ laden with tones and textures that bring people physical and emotional healing.

Listeners of Bass God Pantheon Beatz’ charged records are bound to find themselves snapping fingers, bobbing heads, and losing themselves in the instrumental arena.

“I want to create an electric environment that can be felt during live performances. I want my music featured in space odyssey/apocalyptic soundtracks or soundtracks in general,” says the artist regarding his aspirations.

Stream and download Bass God Pantheon Beatz’ music and follow the artist on his social media for updates on his new music. Reach out to the artist through email for opportunities regarding interviews, reviews, and collaborations. Bass God Pantheon Beatz remains on the lookout for original artists to collaborate with!



Moon is a fearless beat maker who is also the face behind `Bass God Pantheon Beatz. Known for his knack for originality and uniqueness in his music, Moon’s music is created mainly by using acoustic and electronic drums. His arrangements feature the rhythmic appeal of drums and percussion instruments that have been distorted via bass guitar effects pedals- this characteristic and consistent use is why he is also referred to as ‘Bass God.’

Building everything right from the beginning, Bass God Pantheon Beatz never uses loops, samples, or any type of synchronized triggers in his music. The artist’s electric sound bath frequencies are performed live in one take and present an invigorating and refreshing alternative to contemporary, artificial streams of music. Setting out to create a style that translates well in studio recordings and live settings, Bass God Pantheon Beatz is steadily achieving his targets. He wishes to share his God-given gift with those who still enjoy seeing humans do exceptional things.


Bass God Pantheon Beatz
Name: Moon



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